• Through The Lips And Over The Gums, To Programmatic TV Liquor Has Come
    How the TV media-buying has changed. When I started out, liquor brands couldn't even advertise on TV. Gradually, over the years, they cracked into cable TV. And now, according to a presentation at MediaPost's TV Insider Summit, a liquor brand was the first to break into programmatic TV ad buy on satellite TV provider DISH. Jarod Caporino, Managing Partner, Resolute Digital, presented how the agency has been utilizing various forms of programmatic and addressable TV for whiskey brand Glenfiddich.
  • Addressable: Watch The TV Program Ad, Watch The TV Show
    Addressable TV efforts offer plenty of hope to marketers, and the proof is easy to track: Did they watch the show? Starcom MediaVest Group put this to the test, and in a presentation at MediaPost's TV Insider Summit, SMG Precision Video Supervisor Daniel Solarz says results were excellent.
  • The Atlantic: Questioning Answers and Presidential contenders
    The Atlantic doesn’t make changes -- or Presidential endorsements lightly. Speaking at MediaPost’s Publishing Insider Summit, Hayley Romer, senior vp/publisher of The Atlantic, says the company only has made three Presidential endorsements in its nearly 160 year history: Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, and now Hillary Clinton. Romer believes the magazine focus when it comes to all things it does is that it “champions the American idea”, that “we question answers.”This also goes for business. Currently, The Atlantic's revenues comes 20% from print and 80% digital. She says “it is not beholden to the legacy advertising …