• Doritos brings Blink 182 into your house (you have homeowners' insurance, right?)
    Augmented reality is pretty friggin neat. Goodby Silverstein and Mekanism produced a whole augmented reality, uh, thing for Doritos. Kinda hard to explain, but: you could hold a bag of Doritos up to your webcam, whereupon the bag will (appear to) burst open, roll out a stage, and allow you to see a "live" performance by Blink 182 or Outkat's Big Boy. The production was obviously very complex, involving lots of technical stuff that I will never, ever understand, but the final product was quite awesome: you can rotate the bag and the stage, and the band, will rotate with …
  • A Brief History Of Augmented Reality (And OMMA's First On-Screen Erection)
    Tommy Means from Mekanism took the audience at OMMA Global though a brief history of augmented reality that included the first-ever on-screen erection at an OMMA show â€" a dramatic first. The rest of the history went a little something like this: Starting with the '60sThrough the '80s Before getting into the modern version we're all familiar with featuring web cams and smartphones, and presenting the campaign the shop did for Doritos with Goodby, Silverstein in which the likes of Big …
  • now that's ROI
    In the week after AKQA bowed a mobile app campaign for the new Volkswagen GTI, which allowed players to race virtual racetracks in the new model, eight cars were purchased by people who had downloaded the app. At a list price of $25,000, that's $150,000. To date they've sold 175 cars from this game, according to Charlie Taylor, the general manager for digital marketing and motorsports at VW. That's abotu $4.4 million. Taylor also said that the campaign is producing a 99% lower cost-per-sale. 
  • the rug
  • I See Dead People (Rolled Up In Ugly Carpets)
  • The "Police Adjective" Poster, In Case You Needed It
  • 'Let's Do Better' (Starting With The Marriot's Rug)
    Rich Silverstein of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners hates the rug at the Marriot. At the end of a lengthy rant (on the way to another rant) he said, "I hate this fucking rug." And who could blame him? It is ugly. But as a designer it's just the beginning of what offends him. What else offends Silverstein? Well basically America. All of it.
  • An Aversion To Avatar
    No doubting that it made fistfuls for money, and was one of the most watched movies of all time, but Goodby's Rich Silverstein thinks we should all run out and see "Police Adjective." Police, what? Well, it's a really thought-provoking film that didn't exactly make box office records, or Oscar nominations, but which is a much better flick. "Go see it," said Silverstein, the film buff.
  • Don Draper, meet Roger Waters
    Rich Silverstein ended his presentation with OMMA Global with a clip from Mad Men, in which Don Draper eloquently, handsomely sells his creative concept for an ad campaign for slide projectors. Draper's nostalgic reverie is accompanied by music that, I realized, sounds incredibly like the awesome end of Pink Floyd's incredibly awesome "Dark Side of the Moon" -- I think maybe from somewhere around the song "Us and Them." Check it out. Also, that Wizard of Oz/Dark Side thing?  Totally works.
  • Branded Con-gressmen
    That was the hilarious image Goodby's Rich Silverstein showed, juxtaposing a heavily logo-branded Nascar race car driver juxtaposed next to a U.S. Congressman, suited, and brandishing a bunch of corporate lobby logos.
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