• Is "Quality" Up For Debate?
    You know you’re in trouble with the definition of content’s “quality” comes in question, but that’s exactly what Patrick Keane, CEO of Associated Content, just did. Increasingly, the “quality” of content has less to do with, say, grammar, or -- I don’t know -- originality, and more to do with “usefulness,” Keane argued. He did so, by the way, on the day’s last panel, “Grilling the Content Farmers: When Data Drives Publishing”. Is a story on potty-training written by a PhD, say, more or less valuable than one produced by a mom of three from Spokane, Washington? (Used used a …
  • Why The Media Business Is Collapsing
  • Did You Hear The One About The Content Farmer’s Daughter?
  • BT needs creative counterpart
    One of themes from today surfacing again in the Moms-focused panel on BT is the importance of matching ad creative to the sophisticated targeting underlying behaviorally-guided campaigns. "Within the mom community there are so many segments--the EcoMom , the Mom concerned with the economy, the first-time Mom--within the Mom segment there are so many subgroups, so you can tailor creative that speaks to them more individually," said Nicole Victor of Razorfish.
  • Name To Know: David Vladeck
    According to the IAB’s Zaneis, it’s not Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Va.) who recently called for Congress to take a tougher position on regulating online ad-targeting -- despite the FTC’s support of industry self-regulation. Rather, says Zaneis, it’s David Vladeck, former Public Citizen litigator and current Georgetown law professor who was recently tapped to head up the FTC’s consumer protection activities.
  • IAB's Jack Valenti
    Mike Zaneis, VP of Public Policy at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, likened his efforts to selling a so-called “privacy label” to online consumers (and the government) to how Jack Valenti and the broader movie industry sold movie ratings back in ’68.
  • panel: BT works
    In rapid-fire response model, panelists agreed that BT works, delivers at higher ROI, but also at a higher cost. How much higher? "Significantly less than traditional media," retorted Yahoo's Mitch Spolan, responding to a question about the premium charged for BT advertising. But both moderator Samantha Skey of Passenger and Jorge Ruiz, dir. of analytics at Ogilvy suggested more research and testing is needed before making a more definitive judgment about the effectiveness of BT.Tribal's Dietrich and Keary Phillips, who handles Internet marketing for Allstate, added BT should be a discrete part of the marketing mix.
  • Click-Through Consigned To Punchline
    “There’s nobody here who’s still using click-through as a metric, right, is there?!” John Nardone, Chairman and CEO of [x+1], just asked those in attendance for the “Show Me the ROI” panel. Also according to Nardone, there’s “no merit” to last-click modeling. Either way, collecting and arraying data is where 80% of the work lies.
  • targeting on the fly
    In the Show Me the ROI panel on what works in BT there's a lot of talk about not just targeting particular audiences but being able to change messaging dynamically according to different variables within that group. Yahoo's Mitch Spolan poit out that its possible to target 2,000 different audiences but if you're only using four different messages you're not going to precisely reach each different group. "It's absolutely impossible to design the right message for the right users at the right time," he said. But using automated systems that can change the ad creative and calls to action …
  • Looking A Little More Live From New York, An Actual Panel Image From OMMA Behavioral
    Apparently, it's not such a good idea to show a static graphic when referencing the live streaming of the "longest running show on the subject." Who knew. (Our tech crew did, and told me so.) So in deference to those readers who wouldn't understand that there's "live" conversations taking place on stage while we're streaming it, I'm posting another blog item showing a static image from the "buyer's panel" at OMMA Behavioral this morning. If you want to check it out for yourself, go to http://www.livestream.com/mediapost/ and you can see the real-time, dynamic version. (Assuming you don't see …
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