• The QR Code Conundrum
    The final panel of the day focuses on QR codes, which marketers seem to love but not consumers. Mike Wehrs, CEO of ScanBuy, admits the vast majority of QR codes drive to a Web site and don’t deliver a good user experience. Sean Sullivan of House Beautiful says best QR code executions have to provide a tandible payoff or some kind of value. Why do brands so often screw up codes? Sean Sullivan of House Beautiful says codes fall victim to the “got to have it now” syndrome where brands don’t think through a strategy in the rush to adopt …
  • Keep 30-Second Spots Off TV Apps
    Consumers hate in-app ads synched up to TV spots. USA’s Redniss says that instead of mirroring 30 second spot, they worked with a company called Second Screen to create a interactive spot from an auto brand that built on the TV ad instead of just repeating the same thing. That interactive had a 23% interaction rate, he said. Shazam’s Evan Krauss says user’s “hate” when TV commercials are shown in a show’s companion app. He concurs with Redniss is much better to develop something tailored to the social TV experience.
  • Tracking Social TV Not So Easy
    TVB’s Lanzano says people are watching more live TV than ever. That’s partly b/c people can interact with TV in ways they couldn’t be for. He argues its additive, rather than a distraction, and once streaming on apps and other ancillary activity can be monetized and measured, networks will be more open to it. What are the key metrics? Track everything and come up with a kpi, says Matt Blasco, head of analytics of Euro RSCG. He mentions auto showroom visits driven by cross-platform interaction as one example in the auto segment. How about Budweiser tracking trips to the refrigerator …
  • The Social Super Bowl
     USA's Redniss joins a panel that continues focus on two-screen viewing and social TV, with execs from Shazam, TVB and Euro RSCG NY. The discussion turns to social TV and the Super Bowl, where Shazam says 30% of the ads will be Shazamable. In his presentation, Redniss had said believes the Super Bowl will be biggest social TV event ever, with what Shazam is doing and 6 to 7 brands creating apps tied to the big game.  That includes Chevy’s Gametime app through which it will give away 20 cars, half way during the ame and half afterward, through an …
  • Platforms Powering Social TV
    Redniss mentions vendors including Activate and Viggle as companies leading the way in powering social TV efforts. Both provide reward and redemption platforms to enable contests that encourage people to jump into the online conversation and interact with content. Activate has worked with brands like 7Up for a social marketing program around “The Apprentice,” while Viggle is working w/brands such as Starbucks, Burger King and Amazon with a gameification platform around “American Idol.”
  • 2-Screen Viewing Drives Social TV
    USA Network has been a leader in the area of social TV, working early on with partners like Shazam and now Miso’s SideShow app to make TV more interactive. On hand today is Jesse Redness, VP, digital at USA to talk about how mobile meets TV. Two-screen viewing is the phenomenon behind the social TV push, with people accessing and sharing content on handheld devices. Facebook and Twitter traffic spikes during certain shows as the online conversation heats up. Redness says social TV is seeing triple digit growth in the last year around, citing shows including USA’s “White Collar,” the …
  • Volvo's 5 Mobile Marketing Rules
    Volvo’s Gangeri lays out 5 rules for mobile marketing: -Make your content discoverable.  No treasure hunts? -Make your content readable. You don’t have to tell whole story at once. Flipboard, is an example, of tool a brand could use to embed content with a smaller but sophisticated audience -Create relevant content. Offer stories that resonate with audience, across all devices. -Make content sociable. 24% of mobile phone user recommend a brand to a friend via mobile. Volvo uses Instagram to let people tell the brand’s story—taking photos of their cars, etc. -Make content actionable. QR code? App? No. The app …
  • Volvo Taps Mobile For Mindshare
    Leading off the Weekend Edition of the Mobile Insider Summit on Saturday is keynoter Linda Gangeri, manager for national advertising at Volvo Cars of North America. Has anyone seen a Volvo in North America lately? Just kidding! “I’m not a mobile expert,” confesses Gangeri, who admits to relying on agency partners at Havas for help. What it all boils down to is content, she says. And good content comes from consumer insights. Gangeri says Volvo under Ford is stuck in a kind of auto twilight zone between the mass market and the high end like Mercedes and BMW. It wants …
  • Question For Siri: What's Your Older Sister's Name?
    As it turns out, Siri's older sister's name is Directory Assistance.
  • From The Mouth Of Babes, Well, John Busby's, Anyway
    That's how John Busby, vice president of the Marches Institute, kicked off his luncheon presentation at MediaPost's Mobile Insider Summit in Key Largo. Busby should know what he's doing, because as head of research and analytics for a "digital call advertising company," he focuses a great deal on what people do with their mouths, you know phone calls.
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