2-Screen Viewing Drives Social TV

USA Network has been a leader in the area of social TV, working early on with partners like Shazam and now Miso’s SideShow app to make TV more interactive. On hand today is Jesse Redness, VP, digital at USA to talk about how mobile meets TV. Two-screen viewing is the phenomenon behind the social TV push, with people accessing and sharing content on handheld devices. Facebook and Twitter traffic spikes during certain shows as the online conversation heats up.

Redness says social TV is seeing triple digit growth in the last year around, citing shows including USA’s “White Collar,” the VMA awards (Taylor Swift v. Kanye), and NBC’s “The Voice.” NBC is a leader in the space, pushing content out to wherever people are engaging with it, mobile, Web site, Facebook. On the brand side, Redness cites Pepsi as an innovator. The company, for instance, sponsored X Factor section of EW iPad app, with branding around the site’s real-time conversation hub. Pepsi is also using game elements to boost participation, like earning points for posting. No word on Coke.

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