• Wanted: Business Intelligence Talent
    In a Metrics panel discussing quantitative research, Rick Bruner, VP, management at Marketing Evolution, likened the online research business to the proverbial "blind men describing an elephant" because it's so broad and constantly changing. But he pointed business intelligence as one of the most in-demand skills right now. That is, figuring out the right questions to ask to guide research and how to compare consumer data coming from social media versus behavioral targeting or other digital marketing approaches. "Trying to synthesize all this is one of the most necessary skills but one in least supply," he said.
  • What's Old Isn't Yet New On Retail Sites
    In the days first afternoon panel exploring Web site optimization, one of the initial topics was how optimization plays out in the retail space. David Brussin, founder and CEO of Web testing firm Monetate Inc, emphasized that while e-commerce is relatively new, retail has been around for ages. As such, e-commerce systems haven't yet developed to the point where they can replicate the flexibility of brick and mortar stores. It's harder to make changes on the fly the way a company might change around endcaps in a physical store depending on what's selling, he said. As an example, he …
  • Bad Marketing Habits
    Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends, can think of (just) five bad habits of traditional marketers: - Complacency – It’s never one and done. - Conformity – It completely ruins your value proposition as a brand. - Analysis Paralysis – Resist the desire to examine the data for so long that the opportunity you were examining was gone by the time you’re ready to act on it. - Hands-off Management - Yoder still has trouble with the idea that everything can be automated. - Silos of Knowledge – Who knows how the channels of the future are going to be …
  • Mobile Scale Is Here
    Whether you build or buy, it's getting to the point where having a mobile site is going from comp advantage to a  missed opportunity, according to 360i emerging media head David Berkowitz at pre-lunch panel looking at metrics and measurement on the mobile side. A key is to look at what kind of traffic you have coming to the site through mobile; the more that traffic grows the more important is to have a mobile-optimized site so visitors keep coming back. "Scale is here and demand is quickly coming," said Berkowitz. Steven Goldstein of mobile Q&A service ChaCha highlighted tailoring …
  • Agency insights during "Multi Channel Analysis" panel
    Theresa Lamontagne, managing director of analytics and insights, MEC North America: "Years ago when I started at BBDO, you'd never see a researcher at a new business pitch.  Now it's common" Luane Kohnke, senior VP, managing director, analytics and accountability, R/GA: "We're bringing media planning back into the creative house."
  • Getting Social Now!
    What can marketing do now – right now! – to join the social revolution, or improve their existing efforts? Go test a few markets, says Steve Latham, CEO of Encore Media Metrics. “Market testing!” he enthuses. Pick a couple of markets or products, focus on growing them through social, and look at the response you get. “Focus on content,” says Adam Cahill, EVP Media Director, Hill Holliday. “Fans are meaningless unless they do something with your content.” Also, “Always have a learning agenda,” Cahill suggests. Who are you trying to reach with your social initiatives? What are you currently doing …
  • Socialization, not social campaigns
    Jonathan Mendez, founder & CEO, Yieldbot: stop thinking about social campaigns and start thinking about the socialization of all your online properties.
  • Lee: Listening is Key
    OMMA Metrics keynoter Yuchun Lee of IBM says listening is key to business success: "Listening will mean make and break in your business...and also save your marriage."
  • Lee: 98% of Marketing Dollars Wasted
    OMMA Metrics keynoter Yuchun Lee of IBM: $1 trillion is spent on marketing annually and "98% of that money is wasted, but we don't know where."
  • The New Marketing Paradigm
    The new marketing paradigm should be easy to digest for any brand used to telling the truth, letting customers steer the wheel, and making sure every ad message is at least as valuable as a tangible service. For everyone else, the new standard is likely “a very scary thing,” says this morning’s keynote speaker Yuchun Lee, Vice President and General Manager of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Group Unica. “In the old days a company could spend enough money to control what consumers think about a brand, according to Lee. “That paradigm is going away,” he says. “Companies have to tell …
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