• How To Monetize Twitter?
    If you had five minutes in front of a venture capitalist to sell them on funding for Twitter, what would you say? Executives speaking on the "140 Characters or Less: Twitter Users Create Its Business Model " panel offered advice on creating a business model that could potentially make money.

    Jason Bucky, creative director and digital marketing consultant, suggests creating an online gallery of sponsored feeds, such as songs on Apple's iTunes store. You pick feeds that add value. You can approve the suggestion engine on Twitter have it feed into Facebook. You select three of more to activate ...

  • Life Beyond Facebook For Mobile Social Media Apps
    There are numerous social Web applications other than Facebook to plant apps, such as the iPhone and LinkedIn. These sites are emerging as places where brands can put applications to connect with users.

    Are apps different if they are mobile? Do you have expansion of apps that go mobile or do you have apps specific to mobile? Yes, on both, according to David Vanderpoel, principal, strategy and marketing at North Highland. "It's the most intimate piece of technology you own," he said. "It's in your face."

  • Microsoft is spending 70% of their social media budget on Facebook
    Sebastian Gard, Manager of Digital Marketing and Social Media at Microsoft, revealed this remarkable budget allocation in his panel discussion: "Looking Beyond Facebook- The New Places for Advertisers to Unleash Apps." He went on to gush about the Zales/ Facebook Connect promotion that brought the jewelry marketer over 4 million uniques during the holiday season. So this raises the logical question, is any other developer platform even close? It appears it's Facebook or Bust.

    Chris Cuningham from Appsavvy and Kevin Barenblat from Context Optional both support the idea that Facebook is the best, and in some cases, the only ...

  • OMMA Social Memorable Quotes
    "Facebook is a genius communications platform, but from an advertising aspect brands all agree with the challenge is interrupting the flow of communication," said Chris Cunningham, Founder and CEO, appssavvy.

    "The new version of sucking up with be following your CEO on Twitter," said Catharine P. Taylor, MediaPost columnist, who served as the OMMA Social conference moderator.

    "The willingness to accept social media as a marketing channel dives success," said Nick Sinclair, audience development supervisor, Universal McCann.

  • Quantify the value of consumers following social media posts, tweets and blogs became an important topic during the

    It's important to recognize people who share information about brands.

  • Social Graphs And CPMs
    Tapping into social graphs allows marketers to evaluate media. It will become the wave of the future for social media, agree panelists on "The Personal CPM: Quirky Idea or Future Marketing Reality?" The panel is being moderatred by Charlene Li, who has been talking about the personal CPM, the idea that in a social networking context, people with different levels of influence among their peers will gain CPMs, based on their influence-ability.

    The idea includes the possibility that marketers would compensate people with high CPMs in social media because it makes them more valuable. "Everyone wants the Blair Witch ...

  • "Social Media is a party, Brands are the narcs in the corner taking notes"
    This was a great quote from Shane Ginsberg, Organic's Executive Director. Why do Brits always sound smarter and funnier? Anyway, he went on to say,brands should come to the party bearing gifts, on not come at all. Gary Golhamer from Edelman Digital followed on with the point that P&G is a very strong "listener." And so it goes, this panel is debating the relative merit of listening vs. jumping into the social media party. And if you decide to jump in, how does a brand avoid being creepy when they show up.

    Martin Green from Meebo makes the point ...

  • Chris Curtin, VP of digital strategy in corporate marketing at Hewlett-Packard Co., said the company dedicates about 38% of its U.S. marketing budget in the digital space. Some of that budget belong to a project with R/GA.

    HP is working to relaunch HP.com, which supports 80,000 product SKUs and 130 million hits monthly.

    Curtain detailed some of HP's plans for the new Web site and invited HP Scientist Bernardo Huberman on stage at OMMA Social to discuss the company's plan.

    Information, one scarce, has lost its value, as more people post on the Internet, Huberman said.


  • Ad And Social Media Agencies Must Communicate
    All media is going social, according to Rob Key, founder and CEO at Converseon. The perks give you the ability to manage large groups of relationship, from human resources to legal industries, in interesting ways. The goal, he said, will become ingraining social media in the DNA of clients.

    The panel moderated by Catharine Taylor, MediaPost columnist, looked at how social media agencies and ad agencies partner to the benefit of all. As mass media fragments into millions of interactive channels, ad agencies and social media agencies need one another to help advertisers connect with users.

    While panelists ...

  • Social Media Agency term up for grabs
    The panel discussion "The Odd Couple: What happens with Social Media Agencies and Advertising Agencies hook up" just turned up the first subtle thread of controversy. On one side, you've got agency representatives Cam Balzer from VivaKi (Publicis) and Brian Monahan from Universal McCann. On the other side you've got "providers" like Converseon, Buddy Media,and 360i. Maybe it's my years in the ad agency business, but I sense a little land grabbing around the term Social Media Agency. While there's collaboration like VivaKi's recently announced consortium of vendors, will the big agencies and holding companies really allow the term to ...
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