• RTB Finds The Audience Faster

    Interesting: Sarah Bachman, Director, Mobile Strategy, Horizon Media, said during OMMA RTB in L.A. that real time networks networks find the audience and produce results in two days, whereas ad networks typically take much longer. Gaining efficiencies quickly in short campaigns is great, but does the promise of efficiencies often means spending more and getting less?

  • FBX: Here are the keys. Let's go for a spin

    Facebook Exchange (FBX) is still a new online business entity of ad inventory. But now it's time for shopping, like for a car.

    Josh Butler, manager, Facebook Exchange Partnerships, Facebook, speaking at the OMMA RTB event, says: “We like to think we are in the Prius phase.” Butler says maybe it’s time for a take a test drive.

    Facebook has 35 partners working with FBX -- and access to one-third of all online display impressions. Butler says 32% of online users are reachable through FBX -- and about 17% that are only accessible through FBX.

    Butler touts that FBX ...

  • Algorithm Definition -- Simplified

    What is algorithm?

    Speaking at OMMA RTB, executives on a panel called “Algorithm & Blues: Does Yours Pass Code?” had answers.

    Mike Baker, co-founder, president/chief executive officer of DataXu, says: “It’s a business rule. Ask it questions and it returns with a answer. [But] one algorithm doesn’t solve all problems."

    Christopher Hansen, president of Netmining says: “It brings disparate data sets and put them together... and does is at scale.” Neal Richter, chief scientist of The Rubicon Project: “It’’s automation. It’s a sequence of steps to solve a problem.

    Matt Weight, director of technology for Digitaria, says it represents ...

  • Cadreon Poised To Buy Air Time, Without The Air Quotes
    Interpublic's Mediabrands' trading desk Cadreon has laid the groundwork for bringing programmatic buying to television, and will deploy it, at scale, this fall, Senior Vice President-Programmatic at Cadreon Michael Brunick disclosed this morning during a panel at OMMA RTB in Los Angeles. "Truly programmatic, without the air quotes," will launch in the fourth-quarter, he said.
  • RTB marketers stand out -- next to direct sale luxury advertisers

    Big differences are evident when it comes to the type of advertisers using RTB versus those marketers buying direct from a publisher.

    At NBCsports.com, for example, some 23% of all its advertising comes from real time buying systems; 43% from digital ad networks; and 33% direct advertising sales.

    But there is big difference in the type of marketers. Coming from direct sales there are major luxury brands like Lexus, Rolex, and Dewer’s. Then through RTB, a sampling of NBC Sports advertisers shows strict call-to-action advertisers such as Lower My Bills, Nationwide Insurance, Comcast’s Xfinity, and Google Drive.

    “There is ...

  • Not all media planners are tech savvy

    Real time buying technical process can be complicated to many -- even many media planners.

    “It’s still a challenge for people to understand, “ Abe Snyder, media director of Traction, at the OMMA RTB event.  “It can be drain on the operation.”

    “It’s a burden on media planners,” Stephanie Mace senior vp/director of engagement & experience planning of MRM. Mace says it would be better if they could focus more on a bigger strategic view.

    Alan Smith, head of media NA of Essence, says future media planners wanting to have a working knowledge of real time buying systems should ...

  • RTB: Do we have real-time analytics ..or not?

    Some digital companies believe more is needed when it comes to analytics concerning real-time buying.

    Mandana Mellano, vp of solutions lead for RAPP, at the OMMA RTB event, says, “we should have real time analytics. We are going on the bare minimum. [Right now] it is just efficiency play. We don’t have multi-channel attribution.”

    Not completely so says Alan Smith, head of media NA of Essence. “You can get all the segment data you need. It’s efficiently just as good to get impressions from server logs. DSP platforms are only one part of the solution.” He recommends now ...

  • RTB: Timing is Everything

    Real time buying systems can significantly move beyond current remnant seeking advertisers to bigger brand advertisers.

    Speaking at the OMMA RTB event in Los Angeles, Gary Milner, director, global digital and marketing manager for Lenovo, says the time is right for brand to move to real time buying.

    Milner says the rise is video, search, and social efforts is key for RTB and brands. He adds media complexity is massive, and RTB can help solve this. Also creative is reaching new levels online and that millennial audiences are ready to engage in content and content marketing.

    He says ...

  • Making The Most Of Premium Content Buys
    If they're sacrificing scale and paying premium fees, how do brands like Lenovo make premium ad buys worth their while? In large part, it's about getting all the extra content you can out partnerships with publishers, according to Gary Milner, Director and Global Digital Marketing Manager at Lenovo. "How do we get extra content... and deliver more than just the impression," is the question, Milner told attendees of the OMMA RTB conference on Thursday. Moreover, it's about figuring out how to get premium content from premium content providers, so it can be advantageously pushed out into the marketplace. On a ...
  • Lenovo's Milner Is Mad As Hell And Isn't Going To Take It Anymore
    Invoking the same language as Howard Beale, the character from the network TV-bashing film "Network," Lenovo digital chief Gary Milner said he is "mad as hell" about the way TV buyers talk about the media marketplace, especially the way they tout TV's marketplace advantage over online media. "[TV buyers] say we buy television because we can get reach," he said referring to some media buyers who sat on a recent OMMA panel with him, noting. "There's tons of ways to get reach on teh Web." Specifically, Milner said there are 37 billion daily impressions on the Web, so it's not ...
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