FBX: Here are the keys. Let's go for a spin

Facebook Exchange (FBX) is still a new online business entity of ad inventory. But now it's time for shopping, like for a car.

Josh Butler, manager, Facebook Exchange Partnerships, Facebook, speaking at the OMMA RTB event, says: “We like to think we are in the Prius phase.” Butler says maybe it’s time for a take a test drive.

Facebook has 35 partners working with FBX -- and access to one-third of all online display impressions. Butler says 32% of online users are reachable through FBX -- and about 17% that are only accessible through FBX.

Butler touts that FBX has a 15% better ROI and other ad networks, and three times the click-to-conversion rate of other sources. This is not like Facebook's earlier advertising efforts.  Butler says: "Think display; not social."


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