• 'Should Hillary Campaign Staff, Not Hillary, Be Thrown In Jail?'
    Jenn Kauffman, senior vice president of Revolution Messaging, didn't actually say that on the "You Gotta See This: Is Social Media A Channel Or A Bubble?" panel moderated by MediaPost columnist Bob Garfield. Garfield did as a means of teasing a response from Kauffman, and a live blog posting by me. Kauffman, chuckled but demurred from actually starting a Marketing: Politics equivalent of a "lock them up" chant, noting that the Hillary team "are really talented people."
  • What Really Swung The Election -- Hint: You Reddit Here First
    More than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media channel, it is news-sharing community Reddit that may have swung the 2016 election -- for better or worse -- said Revolution Messaging's Jenn Kauffman. Kauffman, who handled the media for Bernie Sander's relatively successful primary campaign, said her team got some of the most keen insights -- as well as their tagline -- simply from following what users were saying on Reddit. "The origins were in Reddit," she said, citing for example, that "Feel The Bern" came off of sub-Reddit conversations. "We adopted it as an official campaign slogan," she …
  • Political Regrets: Your Advertising Working Against You?
    Too much political advertising -- at the wrong time -- and too much of the same political advertising placements? These were some of the problems for political clients this past election season. “At what point are you safe, does advertising draw attention to your campaign that is going to hurt you?” asks Ben Angle, senior media buyer/national media research of Planning & Placement, speaking at MediaPost's Marketing Politics event. Angle says one of his clients in Florida -- a solar initiative --  was easier polling 70% or more early on in the summer and post labor day; …
  • It's Facebook, Stupid!
    The importance of Donald Trump's digital operation was such that "by the end of the campaign, Brad Parscale, Trump's digital director, was essentially the campaign manager."
  • Why TV Spending Went Down In 2016 Political Advertising - Hint: It's The Same Reason It's Down In Other Categories
    First and foremost, it may simply be a function of better media buying, Ben Angle, senior media buyer-national media research at Planning & Placement. "In terms of TV being down, I think you really have to attribute it to master negotiators beating the stations down," he said during Marketing: Politics in Washington, D.C. this morning. Another factor was simply leveraging the TV calendar to commit buys during softer rate card periods: "Booking in June, July or even, in some cases, May, to get the best rate."
  • How The Anti-Trump Polling Effect Got It So Wrong: Just Ask Tom Bradley
    Asked if there actually is a new kind of respondent bias distorting political polling -- one in which voters give a politically correct response, but vote a different way -- the leading data analytics gurus on the opening data panel at Marketing Politics said, not much has really changed. Chris Wilson, director of analytics and digital strategy for the 2016 Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign and CEO of WPA Research said, not so much. He said the "shy Trump voter" phenomenon is nothing new, and he cited the precedent of the "shy Bradley voters" that are the benchmark for the phenomenon …
  • 20/20 Hindsight: 2016 Wasn't 2012
    The key takeaway from Marketing Politics' opening panel in Washington, D.C., this morning was that if there was a "great data dysfunction," it was that the pollsters and statisticians were making assumptions, based on the composition and sentiment of voters coming out of the last presidential election in 2012. "