• Booger Flavored Cookies
    Yuck, but that was the metaphor 360i's David Berkowitz struck while grilling Crowd Factory CEO Sanjay Dholakia during a mock "RFP" session of social media vendors at OMMA Social.
  • Klout With A K On Clout With A C
    That's what OMMA Social programming chair and emcee (and Social Insider columnist) Cathy Taylor asked Tim Mahlman, Chief Revenue Officer, Klout to distinguish. Specifically, she asked him to focus on "clout with a C."
  • Social Media Is Taking A Larger Share Of Online Ad Impressions
    food companies lead the way
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Social Media: Amex Case
    some good things, some bad things about Amex's social media strategy
  • Buddy Media's Bourque on conversion and attribution
    Carla Bourque of Buddy Media recounts a campaign for Pretzel Crisps that grew their Facebook fan base from 6,000 to 45,000, and achieved a coupon redemption rate of 16%.
  • Google Analytics Is Moving Into Social Media
    The big dawg of search is sniffing around social.
  • Own Your Verbs
    "like you own your nouns"
  • Advertisers Are Now Developers
    David Kidder is echoing the wisdom of an anonymous Facebook VP who said "advertisers are now developers." Advertising as app development: a brave new world, but also one that's considerably more demanding in terms of resources, time commitment, and necessary expertise on the part of advertisers.
  • Facebook Fandom is a Social Contract
    It's a Pavlovian reward.
  • People Don't Buy Things On Facebook
    It's all about cats.
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