• Purple's Hyper-Elastic Marketplace
    Brett Swensen, email & automation manager at mattress brand Purple, demonstrated literally and figuratively how elastic the product is at the Email Insider Summit on Wednesday in Captiva, Florida. Swensen showed a video produced by his content team demonstrating how elastic Purple mattress' "hyperelastic polymer" is by stretching a piece as far as it could go before it snapped.
  • GDPR For Email Marketers: Complicated By Different Definitions
    Stronger personal data protection laws are on their way, with some especially focused for email marketers. Speaking at MediaPost's Email Insider Marketing Summit, Gary Kibel, partner, Davis & Gilbert, said the European regulations, which will start in earnest (in terms of enforcement) on May 25, can be dense and complex. For example, the law has some 99 articles and 173 recitals, the latter explaining the meaning of the law.
  • When You've Got All Your Email Pistons Running
    "Why are we holding email up to such a high standard?" Jason Scott, director of eMarketing for the NBA's Detroit Pistons, asked the crowd at MediaPost's Email Insider Summit during his opening keynote this morning. What he actually meant was that some marketers treat it almost too preciously and therefore don't extract its full value. Specifically, he made the case for integrating more of a brand's digital content into its outbound email marketing campaigns.
  • WeddingWire Incorporates User Reviews In Email Campaigns
    At the wedding planning site WeddingWire, email campaigns aren't just personalized based on past shopping activity. They're also personalized based on customers' reviews.
  • Failing Fast: Marketers Share Lessons From Email Mistakes
    Of course, every company will make its share of mistakes. The question is what you learn from them. That was just one of the takeaways from the panel "Failing Successfully: The Best Lessons From Our Worst Screw-Ups," at MediaPost's Email Insider Summit.
  • What Does Customer-First Email Look Like? Here Are Three Views
    "We are no longer an email team, but a push team," Overstock Director of Database Marketing Brent Christensen quipped this morning during the opening panel at MediaPost's Email Insider Summit in Captiva, Fla. Christensen was underscoring the importance of the message and execution over the specific channel, as part of the summit's overarching "customer-first" theme.
  • Customer First, Email Second
    Fifteen years of emceeing summits about email marketing has taught MediaPost Vice President-Editorial Director of Events Steve Smith a thing or two about the art and science of the marketing discipline. Marketing is beginning to morph into something else -- part of a bigger omnichannel, convergent marketplace, he said in his opening remarks at the Email Insider Summit in Captiva, Fla. The "customer is first" is more than a "buzzword," Smith said while outlining the agenda based on that theme at this week's summit.
  • Why Email Marketing Requires Such A Supple Wrist
    In order to succeed as an email marketer in a "customer first" world, you have to think more like a pinball wizard, Shelagh Stoneham, senior vice president-marketing at Chico's FAS Inc. said this morning during her opening keynote at the Email Insider Summit in Captiva, Fla. Why a pinball wizard? Because the modern-day omnichannel marketing environment looks more like a pinball machine than a classic marketing funnel, she explained.
  • Storytelling Through Email: How Chico's Uses Brand Personas
    The email strategy supports the broader mission, which is to "encourage her to embrace her personal style and be empowered by her own uniqueness."