• Personalization At Scale: Creating Moments that Matter
    To take the weight off personalization at scale, pick some moments that are really important. At The Farmer's Dog, each package of food has the dog's name, portion size, the name of the human who ordered it and the date it was cooked on.
  • Walking the Walk of Values Branding
    Footwear maker KEEN started out by asking, "Can a sandal protect your toes?"
  • Performance Secrets of the D2Cs
    Ben Gaddis, president of T3, asked panelists to share the most successful thing they have done in the performance space. You'll be surprised.
  • Iterative, Interactive Product Video Marketing Through Crowdfunding
    In the search for scale, Ministry of Supply relied on podcasts and press coverage but display wasn't working for them. With a rebrand, it shifted away from telling a tech story to a lifestyle one.
  • Quip's Next Act
    Quip just launched a toothbrush for kids. The company learned through research that "kids feel proud to use something their parents are using."
  • DTC-TV: Everything Old Is New Again
    Ulli Haslacher, founder and president of Pour Moi Skincare, spoke glowingly about her very successful venture with Canada's Shopping Channel.
  • Marketers Name Biggest Challenges As They Look To Increase Scale
    At Tuesday's MediaPost Brand Insider Summit in Austin, Texas, Steve Smith, editorial director of Events, shared with the audience the answers to questions he had posed to them earlier. Here they are.
  • Building The Coppola Brand Experience
    One of Francis Ford Coppola Winery's chief acquisition channels is a rewards program launched last year.
  • The In-House to Outsource Conundrum
    "We're leading with the brand first, with an internal voice in building that across all channels. It's the first layer of building voice in-house."
  • Ancestry: The Third Generation
    Ancestry sought to change the customer experience paradigm from channel and funnel view to customer destination view. Here's how they did it.
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