• The Secret Of The Missing MediaPost Newsletters
    Did you check your email once, twice, three times a lady today only to discover that your precious brain filling MediaPost newsletters were nowhere to be found? There's an app for that. No, no there isn't, but there is a reason!

    Here's the note you should have gotten from our prez today, if you subscribe!

    Dear [insert super awesome reader of MediaPost],

    We have not been able to send your regularly scheduled newsletters via email today. However all of today's stories ARE currently available on the website and via RSS feeds.You can navigate to any of your ...

  • Jot this down: event hashtag changes
    Just when you think you can put that sticky note to bed, we go and make some changes. I won't go into the why, just the what. So, if you're attending, plan to attend, aren't sure you're attending but want to eavesdrop and be a part of it anyway, MediaPost/OMMA events - please note this roll up of hashtags:

    OMMA Global: New York #OMMAGlobal <--this is coming up!

    OMMA Global Hollywood #OMMAGlobal

    OMMA Awards #OMMAAwards

    Online All Stars #MPAllstars

    Creative Media Awards #MPcma

    The Future of Media Forum #MPFuture

    OMMA Video ...