• Digitas Cold To Mobile
    Because of its serious scaling shortcomings, mobile will remain on the margins of Digitas’ media planning strategies. That was the word from the agency’s VP and media director Jordon Bitterman during a break out session on Tuesday afternoon. â€oeIt doesn’t have the scale … Our marketers are looking for scale,†Bitterman said. On the contrary, Bitterman said he and his piers at Digitas can’t get enough of widgets. â€oeWith widgets, we’ve had some good experiences,†he added. â€oeWe’re seeing click through rates of 10%, and engagement beyond that click is also very high.†During the session--â€oeMetrics …
  • An Algorithm Will Never Make You Cry
    A quartet of digital creatives had an opportunity to play their favorite game Tuesday afternoon: Bash the algorithm(!), and the thought that computer code might be or become better at reaching and engaging consumers than narrative advertising. â€oeAlgorithms don’t forward to their friends,†said Ty Montague, Executive Creative Director, JWT. â€oeThey don’t appreciate stories.†â€oeNo one will ever replace the need for great storytelling,†he added. â€oeTechnology makes it possible, but at the end of the day there’s a human hand involved.†Seconded Peter Nicholson, Partner, Chief Creative Officer, Deutsch New York: â€oeStories really get in touch …
  • Inside The Advertisers Studio
    The media business â€" â€oeA fascinating business, don’t you think,†David Verklin, CEO of Carat Americas asked the lunching audience… to a collective and virtually audible eye-roll. Moments earlier, we saw the two authors exchange their new books â€" â€oeA sacred moment,†noted Lipton, whose book, â€oeInside, Inside,†is an forthcoming autobiography. Verklin’s book, â€oeWatch This, Listen Up, Click Here: Inside the 300 Billion Dollar Business Behind the Media You Constantly Consume,†is self-explanatory, other than the fact that its not intended for industry types, but for the lay person. â€oeI found it to be an enormous challenge,†Verklin …
  • Lipton and Verklin Go Head-to-Head
    OMMA East attendees are presently stuffing the main dining groom, anxiously awaiting their fish-chicken-or-beef and a sure to be enjoyable conversation between David Verklin, CEO of Carat Americas and the supremely quixotic James Lipton. I suppose the real writer, poet and Dean Emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School will do, but Will Ferrellâ€"who did an amazing Lipton impersonation on SNLâ€"would have been awesome. â€oeHA HA HA HA HA…â€
  • Meanwhile, Over At The NAD
    Here's a report from the other side of town at the NAD annual conference.
  • What's The Value Of A Widget?
    Panelist 1: Do you guys have brands asking you to create widgets for them? Panelist 2: All the time.
  • Media Planning is Dead!
    Media tools are not the be all and end all anymore.
  • We Don't Need No Steenken' Carriers
    I am getting the distinct feeling that the mobile carriers may have waited a bit too long to embrace the ad model. Tons of activity is going on.
  • Unilever Readies Social Media Blitz
    Babs Rangaiah, is director of media & entertainment at Unilever, but he’s also quite the PR and promotion guy. Not once, but twice he teased the OMMA New York crowd this afternoon to watch for some new online campaigns coming out in â€oeweeks†and â€oemonths†that would further transform the way the bleeding edge marketer utilizes the Web. Naturally, Rangaiah didn’t disclose details, but he said the big innovation would involve, guess what, consumers.The new work, he said, would reveal, â€oeWhere we are really levering social media more than we did …
  • Open Source Marketing
    Coke's Shane Steele: How do we redefine CRM? We have a new world where we can engage in a dialogue. It goes beyond just sign-ups, but to an ongoing platform. Unilever's Babs Rangaiah: Optimizing campaigns by pushing it. By creating campaigns to get into people's lives, it keeps going. We're recognizing size and scale of social. You'll see a lot of interesting things in the coming months.
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