• IBM Thinks About Video Games
    Mirosoft. Sony. Nintendo. Is hardware giant IBM thinking about a foray into the video game marketplace? It sure sounded that way when IBM Vice President-Marketing and Strategy Worldwide Ernest Legrand was asked during the OMMA New York conference what area of consumer behavior IBM is most interested in.  â€oeWe are very impressed with what the gaming industry is doing. The way they know there customers. It is amazing,†Legrand said, adding. â€oeWe really want to leverage it. And we are. We tried to do some partnerships with people in the gaming industry.†...
  • Unilever Unifying the Web
    Babs Rangaiah director of media and entertainment at Unilever: "Video killed the TV Star" he said. Make no mistake, TV is going through changes and it's reflected in Unilever's marketing. The photo slide: On one side, is the family of yesteryear. watching a tv commercial. Fast forward, and you see one kid on xbox, another on computer, another on cell phone. "You have to diversify and do things that penetrate the culture. but many marketers still market to the picture on the old side. All networks are putting prime time content on portals. marketers need to follow their eyeballs ...
  • Amanda Congdon created an ad for the Dove Cream Oil campaign. She used a wiki and had all her followers engage with her.
  • The Evolution of Evolution
    Dove Evolution has also evolved. There have also been several pages of parodies on YouTube. The male version of Evolution. A young guy stuffs himself with all matter of junk food and ages and bloats. campaignagainstreallife.com because no one wants to see ugly people years ago unilever might have put a cease and desist on it, but now they know better. It just adds entertainment value to the brand.
  • Media at the Rangaiah Household
    "Video killed the TV Star." Babs Rangaiah entitled his presentation thus. The networks will make adjustments, but TV is going through a huge change. Here's the Rangaiah household: Jack on Xbox, Sofia on Game Cube, Ryan on laptop, Mom's on the cellphone. Dad's using a digital camera to take the picture.
  • It's an Open Source World
    A new open sourcing model has emerged because marketers need to hit their ROI and beat their competitors and to openly pursue as many logical partnerships as possible, said John Partilla of Time Warner before introducing Babs Rangaiah from Unilever. For agencies, it means they may be the main partner, but they will not be the only partner.
  • Use eBay? Then you've got Bac'n
    Interesting fact at the Email marketing panel: Bac'n - the Web term for emails that aren't quite spam but aren't quite worthy of your undivided attention -- has apparently become synonymous with eBay. In an average year, the online marketplace giant sends 8 billion emails (across 559 types of creative) to buyers, sellers, former buyers and sellers, prospective buyers, sellers ... blah! I got aggravated just from looking at all the types of email they could send on one slide!
  • Defensive Branding No Easy Task
    Defensive branding is nearly impossible unless companies have someone inside devoted solely to watching things. And the job might start with the CEO, whose role is, in part, to manage risk, said panelists on a session about user-generated content.
  • Online Video Kills The DVR Star
    Research from NBCU, Disney and other big TV studios concludes that online video of long-form TV programs is actually being used as a DVR. Some 83% of people who start watching an hour-long episode online stick around until the end of it.
  • NBCU Wants To Fail Fast
    George Kliavkoff knows not everything NBCU does online will work. That's the point. Anything you want to try, just raise your hand. But the challenge is to set up processes that let you learn, fail fast, and move on.
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