• It's a Wrap
    The accelerating shift to digitally-delivered media, high high interest in behavioral targeting, and the creation of brand advocacy through online community were some of the recurring themes woven through the weekend’s ANA Annual Meeting that kicked off with a keynote from Microsoft’s Chairman Steve Ballmer declaring that Microsoft’s business is about â€oeDigtal. Digital. Digital. Advertising. Advertising. Advertising.†On
  • Let It Go
    Laura Desmond, CEO of The Americas, a Starcom MediaVest Group, spoke about letting go. In addressing the methods marketers can use to reach the ad averse and those who will listen to ads if you make them relevant, she said marketers must give up control. "Let consumers incorporate your brand in their behavior." There's a fine line between letting go and running amok, she said. But what she calls "easy advocacy," which provides a way for consumers to feedback and gives them sharing mechanisms, has benefited such brands as Jones Soda and Red Bull, for example. I always …
  • Avaya Goes From Utility To Cool
    We heard a refreshing presentation by Jocelyne Attal, CMO of Avaya, an IT company that started out, in 2000 after transmogrifying from Lucent, as the underdog. With a thick and delightful French accent, Attal took us through her company's progress in growing its B2B customers database by changing its brand image. "From Utility to Cool," her titled presentation, showed how Avaya went from being an invisible brand (the telephone on your office desk) to providing software you can't live without. I'm a sucker for the underdog so I was really drawn into her presentation as she showed how …
  • Breakfast On The Final Day
    Some bleary eyes over the breakfast tables this morning pay tribute to a late evening of entertainment and a silent auction. Some observations from my table mates: Al Gore could have been less hard-sell and a more about climate change and his Nobel Peace Prize. The fundraising for Care that was part of last evening's events could have been advertised more clearly and didn't feel exactly right for the occasion. Only people from client companies win the prizes. No agency people and no media. So next time, save your business cards. Last night's singer was delightful …
  • You Can Tell A Lot About A Man By The Stories He Chooses To Tell
    Here are the stories former Vice President and Current TV partner Al Gore chose to tell the ANA.
  • Al Gore - Ad Salesman
    Freshly minted Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore showed up as promised Saturday morning and turned on the ad sales charm as he talked about consumer-generated media, Current TV and his status as a recovering politician.
  • Oxygen! We Need Oxygen!
    And so we shall have it! Atlas is sponsoring an oxygen bar in the lobby outside the ballroom. The oxygen bar, with bubbling bottles of colored liquids infused with aromas and H2O, is one of the most popular booths. Eager attendees line up, slip tiny green plastic piping into their nostrils, over the ears and down to connect with a bottle.
  • S Words Lead The Day
    The new advertising applications now in test or in development using Microsoft's Silverlight technology were the talk of the cocktail parties. The other "S" word popping up was swarm.
  • Flock Or Flee? That Is The Question
    DDB CEO Chuck Brymer would make a great university professor. I feel as if I'm studying "Brand Influence 201," and I am learning so much! His accompanying slides are really informative, really helpful in understanding his point about swarms. He is showing how social networks like Facebook, which create swarms, are the influencers of the future. Peers have credibility and people flock to you, he says. Then, more seek you out. Oh, gosh, now he's showing the Bodygroom by Philips, which was totally viral and totally successful. People swarmed to it. You cannot fake a brand, Brymer says. …
  • Mary Dillon: Watch Saturday Morning TV
    "Go and watch Saturday morning TV," urges McDonald's CMO Mary Dillon. "Spend time understanding how we communicate with kids."
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