Breakfast On The Final Day

  • by October 14, 2007
Some bleary eyes over the breakfast tables this morning pay tribute to a late evening of entertainment and a silent auction. Some observations from my table mates:

Al Gore could have been less hard-sell and a more about climate change and his Nobel Peace Prize.

The fundraising for Care that was part of last evening's events could have been advertised more clearly and didn't feel exactly right for the occasion.

Only people from client companies win the prizes. No agency people and no media. So next time, save your business cards.

Last night's singer was delightful but probably would have been better in a nightclub.

So far, the food has been great. Which is a good thing because this is the last crumb until we get home later today and tonight.

Next up: a general session during which, I predict, the assembled with disassemble slowly but surely on their individual ways to the airport.

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