Flock Or Flee? That Is The Question

  • by October 12, 2007
DDB CEO Chuck Brymer would make a great university professor. I feel as if I'm studying "Brand Influence 201," and I am learning so much!

His accompanying slides are really informative, really helpful in understanding his point about swarms. He is showing how social networks like Facebook, which create swarms, are the influencers of the future.

Peers have credibility and people flock to you, he says. Then, more seek you out. Oh, gosh, now he's showing the Bodygroom by Philips, which was totally viral and totally successful. People swarmed to it. You cannot fake a brand, Brymer says. Every touch point, every interaction influences whether the swarm flocks or flees. A swarm, he says, is like a modern-day Big Brother.

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