• OTT & Political Advertising: Lessons From The 2018 Midterms
    Those involved in political marketing love OTT, she said, because it reaches the cordless and offers increased frequency to a high-value target audience.
  • Brand Story-Planning: The Power of Media Meeting Creative
    One thing that caused jaws to drop was that the audio performance was so low. "Video was on, sound was off," Alyssa Kramer said, making her wonder if they were behind the times.
  • Optimizing Linear
    "Optimization works at about 75% of the cases for our clients. Where it doesn't, it's due to confusion of data, especially for data that have large baselines."
  • Moving Video Forward A Frame At A Time: A Brand's Perspective
    As far as measurement goes, "the challenge is there are too many entities, siloes, trying to solve measurement. There are too many agendas out there."
  • Taking OTT's Measure
    Magna Global's Julie Anson said Magna looks at TV as a holistic universe, finding audiences across it. "There comes a point of diminishing return," she said, "when someone's been hit too many times."
  • Conagra's Evolved Strategy
    "We do media first and then content. With our new personalization mindset, media content and creative are more synced up than they have ever been."
  • Convergence & Fragmentation: Video Planning By Example In 2019
    "We're making the foundation about audience and then putting in traditional media on top of that to build reach. With linear, clients are used to seeing a schedule. That's not how data-driven strategy works."
  • All Aboard! A Cross-Agency Mission Toward Cross-Platform Audience-Based Video
    "The good news is there's technology and data finally coming to market to put the pieces back together," Jonathan Steuer, OMG chief research officer, told Monday's audience at MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Where Does Video Planning Sit?
    "If someone's watching my commercial on an OTT device and making a purchase in that moment, that's the win-win. One [of our] brands is releasing that technology on their platform soon."
  • Electronic Arts: Leveling Up Data Across Screens
    Colleen Nuffer, Global Media Planning and Activation Lead, Americas, Electronic Arts, advises three things: 1. Utlize data to validate decisions; 2. Apply learning to traditional linear to maximize impact; 3. Test, test, test.
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