• Location, Location, Location: The Next Frontiers of Geo
    "When voice ushers in, people are going to have to think about the conversation between QSR and the customer. What will it take to retain a relationship when you consider the influx in the culinary scene."
  • Delivering on the Dunkin' Brand Promise
    Keith Lusby, vice president of media at Dunkin' Brands, had three tips on how to treat customers when he spoke on Thursday at Marketing:QSR.
  • The D2C Effect: Loyalty And The New Customer Relationship
    Auntie Anne's mantra: "Don't focus on the value of an individual transaction, focus on the lifetime value of the guest."
  • Next Generation QSR: Emerging Roles in Marketing and Digital Experience
    "We do a lot of activations in this space to push boundaries," said Bareburger's CMO. "My team has to go to a talk or a startup event every week and look for what's next out there."
  • Burger King: Breaking Through the Noise
    Diego Suarez, Lead, US Media, Advertising and Communications, Burger King, on Thursday showed the video as a way of explaining how the brand is always trying to get "share of mouth."
  • QSR Media Planning and the New Hunger Journey
    "Chipotle says, 'If everyone could just see morning prep at a Chipotle, we would win.' It's like a farmer's market in there. We're trying to get that message out there."
  • Subscription-Based Businesses Need To Offer More Than Function
    Convenience is table stakes. "Sustainability as a DTC brand is about delivering more than product."
  • Organic Valley's Paid Media Evolution
    Organic Valley was finally hitting a point of breakthrough in awareness. It was time to "get the brand out there, to establish the brand."
  • 4 Simple Ingredients, 4 Simple Strategies
    Direct to consumer is "absolutely the place you want to play regardless of product because you get first-party data, one-on-one conversation with the consumer. Name acquisition and CRM is what it's about. We are really focused on growing that database."
  • Think Like a DTC, Act Like a CPG
    Using a farm-to-table mindset, Hershey started with the planning process. "Everything begins and ends with a brief. At the agency, we looked at the brief but it could be misinterpreted. Brief and activation were areas I decided to impact."
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