• Do Mobile Ads Really Sell Cars?
    Are mobile ads actually selling cars? Can marketers track back and deliver ROI and other metrics? Those were the key questions Elgin Kim had for a panel of auto industry marketing execs at the OMMA Mobile show in Los Angeles.   “I don’t really know where you’re going with that,” said Mike Sage, VP, Sage Auto Group. “All we’re …
  • This Just In: Omnicom Launches New Mobile Practice
    Omnicom Group is launching a new mobile practice that promises to marry behavioral and mobile marketing. The appropriately named Mobile Behavior agency is intended to help advertisers better understand consumers' mobile behaviors, hopefully leading to more effective use of the mobile marketing channel in conjunction with other media.
  • What's The Next Big Critical App For Mobile Marketing (Hint: It May Be White)
    So what's the critical app for mobile marketing content? Well, if you're Walt Disney Studios, it may be Hollywood produced entertainment programming. But if you're a client of online marketing organization Ansible, it may be white papers.
  • Mobile: Taking Calculated Risks
    Takeaways from the session titled Best Case Scenarios: Learning from Good Work include "public space interactions and opt-ins," said Joe Mandese, MediaPost editor-in-chief, as he wrapped up the panel discussion. Panelist said they will take calculated risks testing and learning new technologies such as Bluetooth, QR codes, and cashless payment systems like near field communications (NFC).
  • Worried CMOs Offer Valuable Mobile Advice
    Chief Marketing Officers at big brands across the country are "very concerned about the marketplace," media strategist Dan Hodges told an audience of mobile marketers and advertisers at the OMMA Mobile show in L.A. He cited five key takeaways from a recent Association of National Advertisers conference that mobile marketers would find particularly useful
  • Mobile Marketers For Obama (Well, Sort Of)
    Media strategist Dan Hodges got this morning's "A Brand's Eye View" off on a political note at OMMA Mobile by gauging the audience on a fairly topical brand: "Brand Obama." "Who saw the infomercial for Barack Obama last night," Hodges asked the audience, which elicited a tepid showing of hands.
  • But Will It Play in Tulsa?
    Mobile marketers would do well not to get ahead of themselves, according to Patrick Moorhead, director of emerging media Ave. A/Razorfish -- or rather, they need to realize that they aren't necessarily the target of their own mobile campaigns.
  • Mobile and Place-based Media: Two Great Tastes
    The panel discussion at MediaPost's OMMA Mobile conference on Thursday morning touched on one of the most interesting trends in digital media: the integration of mobile and out-of-home place-based marketing campaigns (not to mention experiential elements).
  • The Mobile App Opportunity
    It's early, early days for everyone involved in the mobile Web and mobile advertising, and MTV's Greg Clayman, EVP of Digital Distribution and Business Development, believes application development will be particularly important for marketers. "It's not easy" to get right, he said, adding that like social media, there are pitfalls to getting it wrong.
  • Mobile, Will It Just Be A Smaller Version Of The Web?
    That' s what MTV Networks digital guru Greg Clayman cautioned during this morning's OMMA Mobile keynote. "If all we do with this medium is sell banners, we're dead," he warned.
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