But Will It Play in Tulsa?

Mobile marketers would do well not to get ahead of themselves, according to Patrick Moorhead, director of emerging media Ave. A/Razorfish -- or rather, they need to realize that they aren’t necessarily the target of their own mobile campaigns. Moorhead pointed to the fascination of marketers with the possibilities of new technology, which sometimes leads them to produce campaigns that aren’t accessible or useful to the masses. For example, marketers are debating whether text messaging and short codes are obsolete, but using the shorthand of “the guy in Tulsa,” Moorhead said that “for the Tulsa consumer, text messaging is cool.” He added: “There’s a tendency in the industry to focus on the bleeding edge” of mobile technology. “There’s a tendency to focus on the iPhone app because it’s sexy and cool, but the Tulsa consumer doesn’t have an iPhone.”
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