• The iPhone’s Most Important App: Time Travel
  • What’s Mobile’s Killer App? (Hint, It’s Not The App Store)
  • Getting Smarter About Smart Phones, The Experts Define "Smart"
  • Louis C.K. addendum: the link to his appearance on Conan O'Brien
    Somewhat off topic, re: Louis C.K., the funniest stand-up comedian I have ever seen. His comedy concert "Shameless" is a masterpiece. Here's his appearance on Conan O'Brien. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoGYx35ypus
  • Marchese: Lawyers Are An Anathema For Social Media Campaigns
  • Twitter, Inflation of Expectations, and Louis C.K.
    Robert Hayes of Showtime is talking about the perils of establishing a half-hearted or pro forma presence on social media sites, citing Twitter as the latest and greatest in a series of services that have inflated expectations: “On Twitter people want things right away, they want that answer right there, right then, and if you’re not prepared to provide that, it could backfire in a huge way.” This reminds me of standup comedian/god Louis C.K.’s appearance on Conan O’Brien earlier this year, when he observed that as technology advances by leaps and bounds, “everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy.” His example: on …
  • The Fine Line Between Social Media Marketing And Hyping
  • I can haz disintermediashun?
    So what role do ad and media agencies play in social media campaigns? Are they even necessary? Depends who you ask. On one hand Showtime brought most of its social media responsibilities in-house, according to Robert Hayes, senior vice-president and general manager of digital media for Showtime, but there can be a role for agencies too: Showtime uses agencies "for application development, and to negotiate CPMs for us on some of the media buys, to optimize the flight. We do a lot of A-B testing, and we’re just not large enough, to be honest, to go out there and do …
  • What's A Social Media Agency?
  • The Exec Brief On ExecTweets
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