• Too much stuff in magazine apps?
    You don't want to overstuff your digital magazine apps. Gael Towey, chief creative and editorial director, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, speaking at the OMMA Tablet Revolution, says the company's publications had included around 20 videos in each digital magazine. That was too much, she says. Now, her magazines only include around seven. "We do more slides," says Towey. "We have right sized the content."
  • Martha Stewart Omni Integration
    Just to prove how fast tablets are revolutionizing industry roles, OMMA Tablet "Guttenberg" panel moderator made that point while introducing her panelists, including former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia editorial director, who is now Chief Integration and Creative Director of the omnimedia publishing company. Given all those platforms they publish across, including tablets, I imagine one of the chief needs is integration.
  • The Daily's Audience Isn't 24-Year-Old Hipsters Living In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, It's Their Parents
    That's what The Daily Publisher Greg Clayman said he was most surprised to learn a year after launching the News Corp. tablet native publication.
  • The Daily Topples Angry Birds!
    How's The Daily doing? "We're Number 1!" exclaimed Greg Clayman, publisher of Rupert Murdoch's tablet-only news app, during his afternoon keynote at OMMA's Tablet Revolution conference. About a year old, Clayman was referring specifically to The Daily's top position in Apple's App Store -- beating out last year's store topper, Angry Birds...
  • So You Have 150,00 Subscribers Who Are NOT Paying For The Daily, Right?
    OMMA Tablet afternoon keynoter Greg Clayman is warming up his presentation on what his baby, News Corp.'s The Daily, has accomplished and learned in the year or so since it launched one of the most closely watched tablet native publications.
  • Clayman Dishes On The Daily
    News Corp. unveiled The Daily with much fanfare a year ago, with Rupert Murdoch himself on hand at the New York launch event for the first iPad-only newspaper. But not a lot of data has come out about the publication since then. Giving the afternoon keynote at Tablet Revolution, Daily Publisher Greg Clayman was on hand to talk about what’s happened in the last year. Here are some topline numbers: -100,000 paid subs; more than half (55%) are annual subs. -250,000 monthly readers Avg. time spent 20-30 mins. per day -third top-grossing iPad app in the iTunes Store last year …
  • Marketers Eager To Know About Tablet Scale Before Moving Forward
    Some marketers are reticent about investing heavily in the tablet space because they're not sure if there is enough potential ROI, according to a Mobext/Havas executive.
  • Which First, Apps Or Web?
    With tablets often squeezed into existing digital budgets, it places a premium on how brands invest in the platform. Derek Fridman, creative director, SapientNitro, says clients typically want to create content that they can create once and roll out to all different platforms. But “code once and deploy on multiple platforms” isn’t as easy as it sounds. So the best bet is to go with whatever a brand considers the core platform for its audience, typically either iPhone or Android. Alex Schmelkin, however, argues for building a tablet-optimized site first as a way to reach the widest audience to start. …
  • The Tablet's Killer App: Magic
    Wow, I've heard a lot of hype in my time as a media trade journalist, but I've never heard a client call a new medium "magical," but that's exactly what Sheila Collins, senior manager of CCSG Digital Marketing at American Express just said to describe the effect tablets are having on consumer media experiences
  • SapientNitro Exec: Give Sales Associates iPads
    Derek Fridman, creative director at SapientNitro, said retailers have a prime opportunity to link digital and brick-and-mortar sales by giving sales associates in the stores iPads.
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