• iPhone doesn't deliver for Papa John's
    We have located an iPhone app naysayer! Jim McDonnell, marketing manager for emerging channels at Papa John's, which launched its own iPhone app late last year for placing orders and finding local restaurants and directions. "So far, we still haven't seen anything that delivers as well for us as display advertising," said McDonnell. He added Papa John's decided to launch an iPhone app because so many marketing and tech companies approached them about doing it, and so many other marketers were doing it.

    And don't expect Papa John's to have an app in any of the new app stores ...

  • Will Google lose out to Twitter on mobile search?
    Much talk on the afternoon mobile search panel is focusing on some of the alternate ways to search information on mobile whether Twitter, crowdsourcing, Cha Cha, Ardvaark and voice search, with each offering potentially more local or relevant results than traditional desktop search. AOL's Farhan Memon explained how a Twitter query to friends about good places to stay in Jamaica brought back one reply from Half Moon resort in Montego, with a promotional offer. 360i's David Berkowitz shared his own Twitter revelation, about finding poplular local bars and restaurants while at SXSW conference in Austin through a Twitter search instead ...
  • Immediacy, Utility, And Unchartered Ground
    What really makes mobile media so interesting for marketers?

    “It’s the immediacy,” says Brandon Lucas, Senior Director of Business Development at MySpace Mobile. “It’s the ability to update from moment to moment” -- and particularly with information that’s extremely time sensitive.

    “Immediacy and utility,” says Neal Shenoy, Managing Partner, [212] Media, making the point that mobile devices going with consumers everywhere, and can easily serve as ready sources of information from directions to news updates.

    Also, according to Sabine Irrgang, COO and co-founder of GoFresh/itsmy, the mobile web isn’t nearly as established / colonized as the “traditional” ...

  • Hypertargeting on MySpace Mobile?
    MySpace's Brandon Lucas said the company is trying to figure out how to extend its HyperTargeting program to the mobile space. That service allows advertisers to target messages very narrowly. Lucas, a beach volleyball player, for instance, says he gets ads for beach volleyball lessons on MySpace. Extending that program to mobile would make sense so users might see relevant ads to act onwhen they're out and about. So the next time your playing beach volleyball, you can get a lesson on the spot!
  • mobile "Taser" metric
    After giving a Hallmark pitch on how social networking allows him to connect with family members including his niece and grandmother, Brandon Lucas then used the example of a friend sending him a photo of a guy getting Tasered at Coachella to desribe the killer app of mobile: immediacy. Moderater Catherine Taylor then coined the term "Taser metric" to measure mobile immediacy.
  • Disney Ad Lab And The 3 Screens
    Disney is frequently thought of as a consumer brand, but it owns and operates some of the biggest and most powerful advertising brands, like ESPN and ABC. So it should come as know surprise that Disney Co. Has just launched the "Disney Ad Lab," a new research facility to test advertising formats on new media platforms, and across platforms -- specifially mobile, and the three sceens of mobile, TV, and PC.

    "We're spending a lot of time looking at the three screens," ESPN digital and mobile sales diva Lisa Valentino told OMMA Mobile attendees.

  • How Big Is Mobile Going To Be For Big Media?
    How about bigger than online?

    That's what ESPN VP-Digital and Mobile Sales Lisa Valentino seems to think. "I actually think our mobile business is going to be bigger than our digital business."

  • ESPN does too have mobile ads
    On a panel featuring big mobile publishers including ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and NBC, moderator Frank Barbieri asked ESPN's mobile sales vp Lisa Valentino why he doesn't see many ads on ESPN's mobile site. She suggested that if he looked during certain "pockets of the day" he would see a lot of ads and added that ESPN mobile serves billions of impressions a week. The sports network had better hope advertising will carry the day since its high-priced Mobile ESPN venture a couple of years ago bombed out. ESPN will also launch 3 iphone apps this summer, Valentino said, without providing ...
  • Get Your Fill
    What share of the attendees at OMMA Mobile is happy with their mobile “fill rates” -- which measures your existing inventory’s ability to meet consumer demand? Apparently none according to a show of hands.

    Cool apps and one-off campaigns are great, but it’s time for the mobile industry to really get down to business, according to Michael Shim, Managing Director, Head of Mobile Sales and Business Development at Yahoo -- which, by the way, has been mobile since 1999.

    “It’s time that we as (an industry) focused on building the business of mobile … and bringing it to ...

  • If You Want To Find Out How Mobile OMMA Conference Attendees Are...
    ...Try having only limitted access to the conference's wifi hub, and the room's power outlets. Believe me, I know. And let me tell you, it was an ingenious strategy on the OMMA Mobile conference organizers part, because instead of banging their laptop keyboards the room is clicking all over there hand-helds. In fact, if you listen closely, it sounds a little like a field of cicadas clicking and chirping.

    Another interesting ploy on the conference organizers part was trying to cram a standing room only crowd into a too small conference room at the Crowne Plaza. It makes things ...

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