If You Want To Find Out How Mobile OMMA Conference Attendees Are...

...Try having only limitted access to the conference's wifi hub, and the room's power outlets. Believe me, I know. And let me tell you, it was an ingenious strategy on the OMMA Mobile conference organizers part, because instead of banging their laptop keyboards the room is clicking all over there hand-helds. In fact, if you listen closely, it sounds a little like a field of cicadas clicking and chirping.

Another interesting ploy on the conference organizers part was trying to cram a standing room only crowd into a too small conference room at the Crowne Plaza. It makes things seem all that more energized. And the truth is, for all the kvetching about the economy, and lackluster conference and trade show attendence, I'm just not seeing that. OMMA Mobile is clearly over registered today, and Media magazine's Outfront conference yesterday, and MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Forum last week, were all overcapacity. So I'm thinking there's still a pretty good thirst for information and getting together to discuss it in our industry. Now if we only had some wifi to blog about it. Thank God for my BlackBerry.

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