Get Your Fill

What share of the attendees at OMMA Mobile is happy with their mobile “fill rates” -- which measures your existing inventory’s ability to meet consumer demand? Apparently none according to a show of hands.

Cool apps and one-off campaigns are great, but it’s time for the mobile industry to really get down to business, according to Michael Shim, Managing Director, Head of Mobile Sales and Business Development at Yahoo -- which, by the way, has been mobile since 1999.

“It’s time that we as (an industry) focused on building the business of mobile … and bringing it to the next level,” said Shim.

Companies have got to use mobile to “develop the access” for consumers to more completely engage and stay connected with their brands, according to Lisa Valentino, VP, Digital and Mobile Sales, ESPN.

For instance, “If you are not talking to your (community) over the weekend, you are not getting college football,” she said.

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