Monday, January 16, 2017

    Around The Net

    • Xiaomi In Transition After growing 'Too fast' TechCrunch

      All is not well at Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi. As such, “Xiaomi has forgone its tradition of revealing how many smartphones it sold the previous year,” TechCrunch reports. “The strategy yielded many headlines for the highly-regarded Chinese outfit, but today its CEO admitted that Xiaomi has been in transition after growing ‘too fast.’” ...Read the whole story

    • Google Tech Tackles Data OverloadPC Magazine

      Promising to decrease data loads, Google Research has developed a technique for keeping image size to an absolute minimum without sacrificing quality. “So good is this new technique that it promises to reduce the size of an image on disk by as much as 75 percent,” PC Mag writes. “With unlimited data plans becoming increasingly expensive, or subscribers being forced to ditch their unlimited data due to overuse, anything that can reduce the amount of data we download is welcome.” ...Read the whole story

    • Champs Sports Video Promotes Timberland BootsThe Drum

      Champs Sports and AKQA have teamed with Grammy-nominated artist DJ Khaled to create an '80s-style video game to promote heritage footwear brand Timberland and the release of the company's latest boot. The retro video game, "Secure the Bag," is a mobile-capable video game and interactive experience. ...Read the whole story

    • Omnichannel Retailers Won This ChristmasMarketing Week

      The numbers are telling. Over the six-week period to 31 December, online accounted for 40% of total sales at John Lewis, while sales from mobile devices were up 80% and now account for 37% of all traffic to the John Lewis Web site. To put these figures into perspective, shop sales at John Lewis were up just 0.8%, with the majority of consumers preferring online or click-and-collect. ...Read the whole story

    Omni-Channel Marketing Meets Consumer Engagement

    Omni-channel marketing seeks to provide the consumer a seamless shopper experience whether in-store, online, desktop or mobile. Retail marketers like Starbucks, Sephora, and Crate & Barrel have made moving towards this goal a priority, investing in ...More