Monday, August 3, 2015

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  • Consumers Prefer Mobile Apps Over Bank TellersMobile Commerce Press

    The most recent indication that mobile banking is becoming increasingly popular and that the traditional form of banking by lining up and speaking to a human teller is on its way out, has now been released in the form of some interesting data from Halifax Bank of Scotland. In fact, that preference is strong enough that customers would still rather use mobile banking or an automated machine, even when they’re in a bank branch. The vast majority of interactions that customers have with their banks are over devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and automated teller machines. ...Read the whole story

  • Fashion Shopping Site Adds MobileTechCrunch

    Everlane, the fashion shopping site focused on selling high-quality apparel at lower prices than traditional designer retail, has today made the move to mobile. The company has now launched its first native smartphone application with the launch of Everlane on iOS, which allows shoppers to browse and buy its luxury items right from their phone. However, the app has a couple of interesting features, too, aimed at helping it find traction amid a variety of mobile shopping apps, as well as the clutter of all the other apps users today have installed on their phones. ...Read the whole story

  • Holy Vertical Cronut Content!Adweek
  • Vice Launches Female-Focused Content VerticalThe Hollywood Reporter
  • Microsoft Grabs Gamification Company Incent GamesVentureBeat
  • Why Google+ FailedMashable
  • Major Brands Enter Gaming Space, Woo MillennialsAdvertising Age
Fraud Rate on Mobile Passes Online & In-Store

Mobile fraud is on the rise. Somewhat ironically, the fraud rate on transactions not involving a phone have decreased significantly, as more transactions become mobilized, based on a new study. ...More

  • Mobile Retail Apps As Proximate Concierge

    Customer loyalty has to be earned, and marketers can win this devotion by meeting shoppers' expectations across channels, says new data from AppDynamics, showing that performance of retail websites and mobile apps can significantly impact customer ...More

  • Apple Pay Usage Stays at 42% of iPhone 6 Owners

    Paying with an iPhone is growing both by the number of people doing it and how often. But the percentage of people using Apple Pay seems to have stabilized at fewer than half of those who ...More