Immediacy, Utility, And Unchartered Ground

What really makes mobile media so interesting for marketers?

“It’s the immediacy,” says Brandon Lucas, Senior Director of Business Development at MySpace Mobile. “It’s the ability to update from moment to moment” -- and particularly with information that’s extremely time sensitive.

“Immediacy and utility,” says Neal Shenoy, Managing Partner, [212] Media, making the point that mobile devices going with consumers everywhere, and can easily serve as ready sources of information from directions to news updates.

Also, according to Sabine Irrgang, COO and co-founder of GoFresh/itsmy, the mobile web isn’t nearly as established / colonized as the “traditional” web.

“Unlike online, there’s so much that’s yet to be build,” says Irrgang, though, he warns “It takes risk and understanding.”

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