• social is not a great vehicle for conversion and direct sales
    But can it be?
  • where the fish are not
    Google+ has great features but not much activity
  • go where the conversations are happening
    the 21st century "fish where the fish are"
  • Facebook sharing down 1%
    is it due to mobile?
  • The Grammy Conversation . . .
    "It's about the conversation," said Evan Greene, CMO of The Recording Academy, who shared a bit of this year's campaign at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit Saturday. #TheWorldIsListening - Grammy's Live in February.
  • Where Social, Search Meet At The Grammy's
    Engagement happens where social, blogs music sites and keyword searches meet. What people don't realize about the Grammy's, The Recording Academy is a not for profit company, making the most of limited resources. So, where does the organization spend the dollars? Digital engagement means getting in front of consumers and surrounding the music with conversation to stay top of mind with fans. Evan Greene, CMO of The Recording Academy, admits the organization's search campaigns were limited in the beginning, but that changed.
  • And The Grammy Goes To ...
    Evan Greene,CMO of The Recording Academy,opened day 3 of the MediaPost Search Insider Summit with a clip from past Grammy's. Social TV has made live TV essential again, he tells us quoting an NBC exec. "When we started talking about social it was a terrifying experience," he said. "But as the most meaningful brand in music we needed to be involved and not just a passive observer." So, he took the project in house. "You can't force engagement."
  • Transactions On Search Engines
    Retail isn't just about transactions, but also relationships. Conversion rates for repeat buyers are higher, compared with first-time customers, according to Michael Griffin, Adluncet Founder, during the Death to Text Ads panel at MediaPost SIS. A shift toward whether buys buttons should appear in the search results had Petco Senior Manager Nina Won speaking out about search engine wanting to remove the retail customer service experience by asking consumers to purchase products directly from the engine, a change that could come in time.
  • another fast-growing category: divorce attorneys
    yay divorce
  • fastest-growing paid search categories for 2012
    According to AdGooroo, the fastest-growing paid search categories in 2012 included online education, IT management, pharmaceuticals, and home improvement.
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