• Are the Robots Really Helping Us Be Better Marketers?
    "Getting IT leadership support, senior leadership support has been critical ... in driving automation forward."
  • Amex: Holding a Mirror Up To Customer Action
    "One datapoint I find interesting is how often people go back to the email. If they go back to the email, then they have to be happy with it."
  • The New Personalization: Learning From the DTC Mavericks
    Says Uber's Wayne Miller, "We know a tremendous amount about what a user wants. We're able to detect the patterns and behaviors that we expect people to take to get to the 'happy path.'"
  • Sleep Number: Managing Welcome Email Deliverability at Scale
    When email deliverability issues arose just before Sleep Number's biggest sale of the year just before Labor Day weekend, the brand knew it had too recover quickly.
  • JustFab: The Marketer's Crawl, Walk, Run Journey to Personalization
    "We are working on developing a mobile app, which will have a lot of those personalization tactics and, hopefully, more to get us to that North Star of personalization, which is having that 1:1 conversation with our members."
  • Building an RFP ... The Right Way
    One bit of advice from Southwest Airlines's Kayla Beck: "When you have an existing relationship with a vendor, and you can capitalize on it, it's a win-win. If you have that opportunity to use existing vendors, consider those."
  • Merz: Search and Patient Journeys, Neurosciences
    Because of HIPPA laws, Merz has to go through a third party to purchase competitive terms in order to gain traction through competitive search. "It's a battle every day at 12:01 a.m. when bidding for the words begins."
  • The Whole Enchilada: QSRs and the Customer Journey
    A surprising development unveiled: Uber Eats is opening restaurants in neighborhoods unserved by certain cuisines. This news came during a discussion about search and QSRs.
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro: Building the Multi-Touch Experience
    From emails to mobile apps, social channels to weather targeting, Scotts Is breaking through the clutter with multiple touchpoints.
  • No, Wait!: Our Messaging Screw-Ups and What We Learned
    From an email with the incorrect date on an upcoming event sent to pass holders to an offer that ended at 12 - midnight or noon? - to one that caused great alarm among senior citizens, this panel fesses up and learns from mistakes.
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