• Fender: Leveraging What You Already Have
    Fender's Brian Schmidt talks about program enhancements that can have material impacts to your business that (hopefully) won't require an integration.
  • Engaging The Disengagement Battle
    Zillow's Tara Clark asks her panelists how much autonomy do you have to buy vs. build? What can be built isn't always what should be built. Have you overcome that? See what they said.
  • Chick-fil-A: Caring For Customers Personally Through Email
    Emily Randall, interactive digital media, Chick-fil-A, says her team has rallied around this: When you know someone's story, you can care for them personally.
  • Gen-Z: Today's 'Identity Shifters,' Tomorrow's Buying Power
    Today's world is too multifaceted, too fast-paced for it to make sense to Gen Z to have one true identity. They have to shift and change over their lifetimes in order to be successful.
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