• Over-Sharing: Privacy Panel Proves Anything But
    Ach, the OMMA Social privacy panel is taking on some illicit, and possibly illegal tones. First, moderator and 360i digital marketing guru David Berkowitz shares an anecdote about a cousin who is using social media to trade “sexual favors” for some concert tickets, then Carrot Creative’s Mike Germano admits to using BitTorrent to access media content, not because of convenience, but because it is “free.” Or as Hollywood studios might say, because you want to steal it.
  • Okay, So Let's See What Mike Germano Has To Say After A Case Of Beer
    Carrot Creative chief Mike Germano seems to be polarizing OMMA Social’s privacy panel, taking a hard line position that no one cares about control and privacy.  All the other panelists think it’s kind of important, and one Surya Yalamanchili, Director, Product Marketing, SocialMedia.com, even bet Germano that even Facebook will be a little more controlled sometime soon.  “Let’s just bet a …
  • Let's Hear What He Has To Say After The OMMA Social Cocktail Reception
      Mike Germano, co-founder and president of Carrot Creative, is on a short social leash these days.   The social media and marketing guru, who has used the platform to market a variety of brands successfully, including his own political career, says he’s no longer allowed to post Twitter comments after a few libations.   “I’m not allowed to tweet after …
  • Social Media's Shiny New Thing Factor
    What keeps Don Steele, VP-digital marketing at MTV Networks Entertainment Group up at night? Aside from all the emails he receives from MTV’s management about Twitter, it’s the fact that the current obsession with the micro blogging platform may be taking energy away from other important social media outlets that is currently making a difference for MTV’s brands.   “Wait a minute, we have 1.8 million fans of ‘South Park’ on Facebook that we haven’t spoken about for …
  • Taxing
    How do you create an online social community around a group that’s really only interested in your brand 16-weeks of the year?   That was the frank way Denise Sposato, director of communities at H&R Block, put the tax preparation brand’s online social networking strategy. It’s been a learning process, she added, noting that H&R Block initially was “a little too entertaining” in its social media approach, and that it’s taken it a while to find the right …
  • The Angst Of A Corporate Twitterer
    Wow, I had no idea what kind of pressure faces a corporate twitterer. Heck, until OMMA Social today, I didn’t know there actually were corporate twitterers. But I’ve been getting a kick out of there views on their business, a very nascent one at that. But what really struck me, is how seriously they’re taking what some might see as a corporate lark, or a toe in the digital marketing waters.   “One word can bring you down,” …
  • Comcast is watching
    Comcast's Frank Eliason says that someone mentions the company up everday in 10,000 blogs. "And we go through every single one of them," he said. Sounds more like surveillance than customer service. He mentioned the stat in connection with the build up of his "digital care' department from three to 10 people to keep up with Twitter, blogs and all the other social media outlets online.
  • Twitter, And The 90/10 Rule
    Asked by OMMA Social moderator, and Knowledge Networks research guru David Tice, how each of the corporate twitterers extend their reach via Twitter, a platform that reaches “probably less than 10% of the population,” Six Flags’ Billy Custer said, yes, but they’re the right 10%.   “People in advertising always talk about how you reach the influencers, and in my opinion, a large amount of those people are on Twitter, because they can use it to influence people.”
  • The Tweet Smell Of Success
    Corporate twitterer David Pruner comes across as pretty authentic. The communicatiosn manager of Dunkin’ Brands Inc. spoke in folksy terms to the crowd at OMMA Social, referring to the popular micro blogging platform as “the Twitter.”   He acknowledged that it’s been a bit of a cultural struggle for a corporation that has “standards” and “layers involved” in everything it does, but he said the donut and coffee marketer has managed to suspend its need for control.
  • Social Media And The Sales Funnel (Or Is Funnel Sales?)
    That’s right, if you’re a social media user, you can have your cake and eat it too. Especially if you follow amusement park Six Flags Twitter feeds.   “We primarily talk about roller coasters and funnel cake,” said Bill Custer, social media agent at Six Flags, to a pretty big laugh from the attendees at OMMA Social.   But he wasn’t kidding.
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