• Social Success Metrics For Circuit City
    There are three metrics to determine what Circuit City defines a successful social marketing campaign, according to Stephanie Pike, Strategic Program Manager for Digital Marketing, Circuitcity.com “We use close rates (really conversions,” said Pike. “But we're trying to migrate away from that.” Then, “There's net promoter rate -- Is it improving our brand equity?” Finally, “Gross margin dollars per year (We hope to bring that down to per customer per year,” said Pike. “Looking at bottom line revenue, rather than top line revenue.” “We used to use impressions,” Pike added.
  • Twitter Is So Last Nanosecond
    Just as we were getting use to tweeting, Adam Weinroth, Director of Product Marketing, Pluck Corp., comes along and tells us we should be plerking. Noting that most of the people in the room at OMMA Social may only have been on Twitter for a matter of weeks, he said the next big new social media platform is actually something called Plurk. It's not affiliated with Pluck, Weinroth disclaimed. According to Plurk's Web site, it is, “a place that let's you publish and share your thoughts, emo-ness, #^@%(& loves.” I …
  • How MySpace Deals With Data
    MySpace looks at data two ways, according to Heidi Browning, SVP, Client Solutions, MySpace. To paraphrase Browning's strategy: “We looking at data from an effectiveness standpoint (how they are driving profitability, for example); and looking at data from an insight standpoint, so you're smarter going forward.”
  • Biggest Sinkers In Social Marketing
    In recent memory, Sprint was responsible for as the biggest sinker during the afternoon panel, "Sink or Swim: The Best and Worst of Social Media Marketing."
  • If You're A Client, You Might Want To Think Twice Before Dumping Carat
    During this afternoon's "Sink or Swim" panel discussion, guess who Michael Nicholas, SVP, Managing Director, Carat, picked for his "sink." Yep, you guessed it, Wal-Mart.
  • The Oprah Effect
    How does a social media campaign succeed? "You get it on Oprah, and you're done," promised Paul Beck, Sr Partner, Executive Director of Digital at Ogilvy Worldwide.
  • Ogilvy's Big 3 Social Media Strategies For 2008
    According to Paul Beck, Sr Partner, Executive Director of Digital at Ogilvy Worldwide, the No. 1 strategy is "listening."
  • Punch Drunk Love
    Social Vibe's Joe Marchese threw a rate bone to the "punch the monkey" type ads that have become the bane of online creative.
  • At Last, The Reason Why Online Ads Aren't Working With Kids
    The ads suck, according to Andrew Monfried, Founder and CEO, Lotame. Explaining the relatively low click-through rates most ads targeted at young users have has less to do with the precision of behavioral targeting in social media, than it does with the quality of the ad messages.
  • A Changing Landscape
    How is behavioral targeting different in social networking, today? "It's about the identifiers," said Andrew Monfried, Founder and CEO, Lotame. “How you're [consumers] are engaging with the networks
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