• Social Media Is Still Mostly Tactical
    While behavioral targeting may be revolutionizing online advertising for direct and performance based marketers, it hasn't caught on in a significant way in terms of planning social media buys. At least that's how Paul Beck, Sr Partner, Executive Director of Digital at Ogilvy Worldwide, sees it.
  • Behavioral Targeting And Its Social Value
    What's the value of behavioral target in the realm of social media? "The problems it solves is scaling the procurement of social media," said Paul Beck, Sr Partner, Executive Director of Digital at Ogilvy Worldwide, on an afternoon panel.
  • Kind Of Creepy
    Trying to explain the underlying value of "time spent" as a metric for measuring the impact of social media on advertising and brands, Joe Plummer cited two major insights in the burgeoning field of neuroscience research.
  • Joe Plummer: Friends Are BS
    Well, not your real friends, but the descriptor "friends" that people use to describe their contacts on social networks, is nothing more than "B.S.," the former Madison Avenue research and consumer insights muckety-muck said.
  • Simple, Useful, Shiny -- And Maybe Even Obscene
    "What makes something viral," Cathy Taylor posed to her OMMA Social panel, in an attempt to once and for all wrestle a definition down for this seemingly elusive piece of industry jargon.
  • Word Of Mouth -- Literally
    Midway through the "Catching On: What Makes Something Viral?" panel discussion, a circuit popped at the Yale Club and the microphones went silent, forcing the panelists to speak up to be heard.
  • A Snowball's Chance In Sell
    An earlier OMMA Social panel may have been nauseated by the word "viral," but another panel struggled to define it.
  • The Future Of Media May Be George Jetson
    Of all the metaphors used to describe online advertising widgets, Social Vibe's Joe Marchese chose to use one invoking a 1960s futuristic cartoon show. "I still don't know what [widgets] are, but I know that Spacely Sprokets made those," Marchese said, alluding to George Jetson's employer.
  • The Ultimate Brand Experience: I Do!
    In an effort to illustrate the long-term brand-building value of relationship media like social networks, Social Vibe's Joe Marchese tapped a somewhat personal anecdote.
  • Sounds Like A Bad Case Of The Flu
    Social Vibe's Joe Marchese got his panel on social media off on a psychological note, asking his panelists to say what comes to their mind when they hear the word "viral."
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