• Stop Blaming Your ESP: Virgin Holidays
    Virgin Holidays gives ownership to members of the marketing team to try new things.
  • Key to Personalization: Start Small
    Personalization in email is not as hard as it might seem. Even if you aren't doing it yet and don't have a ton of data to take advantage of every option an ESP offers, you should still be trying to personalize emails. "Start small," said Adeola Sole, CRM manager at FitFlop, at a panel at EIS EU today.
  • How Thorpe Park Resort Overcomes GDPR Hurdles
    GDPR is a game changer for email marketers, whose databases are shrinking when re-permissioning efforts are resulting in smaller databases.
  • UNiDays Finds Scary Ideas Key to Email
    For UNiDays, email is all about a good idea, Stephanie Rostron, creative lead at UNiDAYS, revealed at EIS in Barcelona today.
  • FNAC Portugal Finds Great Content Drives Revenue
    Developing great content for emails that benefits customers is key to FNAC Portugal's marketing strategy. While these messages are not focused on selling products, they often do quite well. In fact, one of their best selling emails was designed strictly around great content.
  • Are you using happiness data?
    European airline booking site Otravo is.
  • Heineken Creates Journeys to Sell Home Draft Appliances
    Heineken wants to sell home draft appliances and beer to fill them in Europe and has been scaling up its marketing team to support this effort. Like Nespresso sells espresso pods for its machines, Heineken sells kegs for these home systems on a regular basis, so the idea is to focus on building customer loyalty.
  • Big New Video Targeting Tools Come With Big Costs
    New ways to target audiences also mean higher costs to marketers. Some silver lining here: Your media agency existing tools are still good place to start. “The agency tool kit is actually pretty good,” says Josh Martin, executive vp/head of mass acquisition media at Performics, in speaking at MediaPost’s TV & Video Insider Summit. Martin says, for example, syndicated research companies such as MRI remains helpful. But that is just a start. In addition to looking at cable networks age and demographics, says Martin, the agency will ask “if the viewer staying for the full length of the program? …
  • OTT Sees Better Consumer Experience -- And Ad Concerns.
    Rising OTT platforms continue to grow. But currently are there scale, frequency and high pricing concerns. And there is also Netflix. “When you are in a fragmenated marketplace, and you are trying to manage against one demographic it’s difflcult to control frequency -- unless you are working with one platform,” says Carlos Ramirez, group director, of Quigley-Simpson, speaking at MediaPost’s TV & Video Insider Summit. But Ramirez adds OTT right now -- as a single platform -- has scale limitations, which in turns can lead to frequency issues. Pricing can be high as well. Concerning connected …