• Don Draper And The Creative Search Nerd
    What type of person makes the best Don Draper creative for Search? Panelists from Discover, Havas Media, Target, and Hewlett-Packard during the MediaPost Search Insider Summit explain.
  • Search Marketers Have Time To Make Mistakes With Wearables
    Jeff Carl, ecommerce marketing manager at Angie's List, said search on wearable devices will create a better experience. "We still have some time for trial and error to get to the future," he said. Retailers have begun to experiment. One campaign directs consumers to the product when they enter the store based on previous searches on their mobile phone or PC. Carl said this isn't sci-fi. It could happen today. The technology is there. He provided an example of an international campaign--the Meat Pack hijack initiative--where a retailer gave consumers a discount based on how fast they could get to …
  • Angie's List Jeff Carl Designed Glasses To Search Internet In Grade School
    Jeff Carl, ecommerce marketing manager at Angie's List designed glasses that search the Internet in grade school. He just didn't patent the design. He was going to take the glasses into contact lens, and calls on Google to step up the process. Carl presented his vision of wearable devices at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit Friday.
  • What Wearables Mean For Search
    When they takeoff, how will wearable devices affect the business of search? Well, "The consumer is not going to see a [long] list of links anymore," according to David Ingerman, co-founder and CEO of mobile marketing startup PlaceCodes. Rather, in response to mostly verbal search queries, wearable owners will more likely receive one or two written search results -- because of small screen size -- or a verbal response, Ingerman told attendees of MediaPost's Search Insider Summit, on Friday. Among other implications, that means the "importance of ranking" will become all the more critical, Ingerman said. Businesses will be spending …
  • The Flying Fickle Ring Of Fate
    Talk about your bleeding edge digital technological shifts. Search Insider Summit keynoter Amy Labroo, Senior Director of Innovation, IT, Wyndham, ticked off a wide array of next generation digital innovations that are transforming the way people interact with media -- and presumably with brands through it. But when Labroo gushed about a breakthrough new technology called "the ring" that enables users to control their physical environment -- everything from their home security system to their heating system to their lights -- with the technology, I wondered how much things have really changed, and what the technological augmentation has actually enhanced. …
  • Future Of Search Is Scary As Heck
    The future of search is seriously mobile, in total conflict with current privacy standards, and personalized to a degree that would completely freak out today's average consumer. At least, that's the picture of tomorrow's search experience painted by Amy Labroo, Senior Director of Innovation for IT at hotel and resort giant Wyndham. "Our minds will be integrated into the online world," Labroo told attendees of MediaPost's Search Insider Summit, on Friday. So, for example, you'll be able to "like" a photo on social media simply because your eyes dilate when you see it. As if that's not troubling enough, Labroo …
  • The Invisible Woman
    Search Insider Summit keynoter Amy Labroo, Senior Director of Innovation, IT, Wyndham, kicked things off with a deep dive -- a very deep dive into the "deep" Web, or as some refer to it, "the invisible Web." Labroo noted that as good as things like Google search are, they've only indexed a relatively tiny share of total information available online. How small a share? According to Labroo, the invisible Web is "500 times bigger than the visible Web."
  • Why Wyndham Removes The 'E' From Ecommerce
    What does it mean to marry all channels with data? Remove the "E" from ecommerce to build a unified experience, according to Amy Labroo, senior director of innovation, IT, Wyndham. The industry realized it has outgrown the funnel because it doesn't take into account many of the channels marketers use today such as the post purchase experience.
  • Search: What Mobile Signals Are Most Important To Live Nation, Wyndham?
    The 7,500 hotels like to do their own marketing, but having consistent information is really important, said Richard Mastriani, director of SEO at Wyndham Hotels. He's seeing search and social move closer together, so he pays close attention to the amount of reviews being generated and making sure that information gets in Google profiles. Patricia Atrain, SEO director at Live Nation and Ticketmaster, pays close attention to speed and error checking, such as when pages go down or events end and the page is no longer useful. Every 90 days events come into the events database, and when they're done, …
  • Search: Mobile Tips From Live Nation, Wyndham Hotels
    Entertainment brands like Live Nation and Ticketmaster, and Wyndham Hotels got a boost from Google's mobile ranking, per panelists during the MediaPost Search Insider Summit Thursday. Now there are other things to think about such as local and responsive vs. adaptive mobile design.
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