• How To Draw A Crowd: Offer Them An Analogue, Non-USB Bottle Opener
    I never knew such a thing existed until someone mentioned it from the stage at OMMA Metrics & Measurement. And apparently, it's the chatchke being given out by event sponsor Crowd Science. And since I've never seen an analogue, non-USB bottle opener before, I moseyed on by the Crowd Science booth where sure enough, some cool looking gadgets were on display.

    "Did I hear that right, you're giving out some kind of analogue, non-USB can openers," I inquired.

    "Actually, they're just can openers," the Crowd Source rep manning the booth replied, adding, "But they look like USBs so ...

  • Ephron Vs. Einstein: Whose The Real Father Of Media Planning?
    "If Erwin Ephron is the father of media planning," says comScore's Josh Chasin, then Albert Einstein is its grandfather.

    To prove his point, Chasin quoted from the genius – Einstein, not Ephron: "Everything should be made as simple, but not simpler."

  • Inside The Mind Of Josh Chasin (Toilet Paper, Banner Ads)
    Want to know what sticks inside the mind of comScore research chief Josh Chasin? Well, he's telling us right now during a keynote at OMMA Metrics & Measurement in San Francisco.

    Actually, Chasin just cited two quotes that have stuck in his mind all these years, and have influenced how he thinks about measurement.

    The first one was from a P&G "media executive, circa a 1990 TV symposium: "I don't care about targeting," she said. "Everyone uses toilet paper."

    The other was from one of Chasin's pals at Chiat/Day circa 1996: "A banner ad is like, if ...

  • It's Like 1981 All Over Again
    Starcom MediaVest Group's Andy Fisher is getting, in his own words, "a little bit cranky" on the OMMA Metrics & Measurement Cross-Channel Measurement panel. And he's got good reason to be.

    Recalling the progression of advancements that have taken place in the analogue marketing world's ability to model data over the past half century, Fisher said the digital marketing world has a lot of catching up to do.

    The progression, of course, began with the rise of marketing mix modeling in the 70s and 80s, and exploded in the "Me Decade" with the rise of scanner data panels ...

  • Here's A Metric That Will Get Any Measurement Firm's Attention
    Why should analogue measurement firms care about the digital marketplace? Andy Fisher, executive vice president-global data & analytics director at Starcom MediaVest Group has a great metric for explaining that: Dollars.

    The combined value of all of the analogue measurement tools sold to date, have "sold for less than DoubleClick," Fisher said during the Multichannel Measurement panel at OMMA Metrics & Measurement this morning.

    Fisher, of course, was referring to Google's 2007 acquisition of DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

  • Surf's Up
    Eric Peterson, senior partner at Web Analytics Demystified, and the opening speaker at OMMA Metrics & Measurement in San Francisco this morning brought new meaning to the term "surfing the Web."

    Showing an image of a tropical paradise, Peterson asked if anyone in the audience new where it was. No, it wasn't Fiji, and it certainly wasn't the bone-chilling coastline surround San Francisco this week. It was, according to Peterson, Hawaii.

    And why was Peterson flashing us an image of the Big Island – other than to make us climatically jealous? Because Hawaii, he said, "was the birthplace ...

  • OMMA What Do You Want It To Be
    OMMA Groupies, er OMMA Metrics & Measurement MC Judah Phillips, opened the show up with an improbable bit of humor.

    "I'd like to start with a joke," Phillips, whose day job is senior director of global site analytics at Monster Worldwide, said, setting up a bit about an "analytics and research team" that was recruiting a new analyst. Three candidates came in for the interview: One with a degree in math, another with a degree in marketing science and analytics, and a third with a degree in statistics.

    The hiring team asked each candidate one question: "What's one ...

  • Next New OMMA Line Extension: OMMA Groupies
    Yep, if you've been to three or more of the OMMA conferences taking place in California this week, you officially qualify for this new category, according to MediaPost Publisher Ken Fadner.

    Referring to the week as the "Everything's Coming Up OMMAs West Coast Tour" (OMMA Ad Nets in Los Angeles, and OMMA Behavioral and OMMA Metrics in San Francisco), Fadner said, "I'm amazed because I've actually seen half a dozen people who have been to all three."

    "We have a new category," he quipped, "that we call OMMA Groupie."

  • Which Came First, The Content Or The Audience
    For all the talk surrounding behavioral targeting, and even re-targeting, Signal To Noise's Allen Stern believes content still is king.

    "To most branding clients, or clients that are looking to brand, content is more important than audience," he declared.

    Stern said the believe dates back to the traditional, "where am I in the magazine/what television program am I adjacent to" mentality that pervades traditional media planning.

    That said, Stern believes re-targeting can be a great market extender for brand marketers, by exposing customers already interested in their brands what other offers they may be interested in.


  • Is Re-Targeting The 'New Behavioral Targeting,' Or Is It Just A Subset
    That's the debate playing out during the "Re-Thinking Re-Targeting" panel at OMMA Behavioral in San Francisco.

    The consensus seems to be that it's part of the bigger ecosystem, and when used properly, can greatly enhance performance and results.

    "We were really disappointed with what behavioral targeting was," said Allen Stern, VP, Media Director, Signal to Noise. "It was such a black box. And the price we had to pay for it, never paid out."

    Now that the industry is beginning to "take the covers off" of the process, Stern said it's become more palatable among online marketers ...

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