How To Draw A Crowd: Offer Them An Analogue, Non-USB Bottle Opener

I never knew such a thing existed until someone mentioned it from the stage at OMMA Metrics & Measurement. And apparently, it's the chatchke being given out by event sponsor Crowd Science. And since I've never seen an analogue, non-USB bottle opener before, I moseyed on by the Crowd Science booth where sure enough, some cool looking gadgets were on display.

"Did I hear that right, you're giving out some kind of analogue, non-USB can openers," I inquired.

"Actually, they're just can openers," the Crowd Source rep manning the booth replied, adding, "But they look like USBs so some people were confused."

"Too bad," I said, "I was hoping you might have an app for opening bottles and cans."

"We're working on that," she said.

Well, that's sure to draw a crowd.

Meanwhile, Crowd Science has grown a little more crowded today – by at least one person. The online market research firm announced that Corey Leibow, a technology and e-commerce veteran, has been named president and CEO.

Most recently he was executive in residence at Plug and Play Tech Center, a high-tech incubator. Wonder if they have a digital, USB can opener in the works.

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