• Everything will have ad inventory -- even eyeglasses
    You think there is a lot of digital inventory now? Just wait. Factor in stuff digital cars and digital billboards -- and eyeglasses. For example, a current TV spot for supermarket chain Tesco, shows a man getting out the subway and getting having his smartphone focus on a billboard of a digital supermarket. He snaps what he likes and by the time he gets home, his groceries are delivered. And it doesn't stop there. Think about future digital eye glasses -- where you can see small icons in your view.
  • you know who's never going to wear Google glasses?
    This guy.  Yes, it's a cool idea, but enough is enough.  That said, if you want to make them fashionable, here's an easy idea: Google sunglasses!  The user is simultaneously too cool for school and the smartest guy/gal in the room.
  • the last step: incorporating actual sales data
    Advertisers will begin feeding data on actual product sales back into ad exchanges to help them optimize the ad mix, predicts Ben Fox, executive vice-president at the Adconion Media Group.
  • vertical exchanges will merge into broader exchanges
    Noting that you don't have to go to an "automotive stock exchange" to buy auto stocks, Ben Fox, executive vice-president, Adconion Media Group, predicts that vertical ad exchanges will merge into broader ad exchanges... which will be welcome news to anyone who has ever hyperventilated after looking at that infamous exchange ecosystem slide.
  • The Nth Screen
    Think about a connected car, malls and supermarkets, building with 3D images where you take a printer along with and create the product when you arrive. The new user interface, Google Glasses. Everything in the world will become potential inventory, according to Ben Fox, Executive Vice President, Adconion Media Group.
  • RTB: A need for new metrics.
    Real Time Bidding is growing fast. Though it is only around an $800 million business, by estimates -- 0.5% of all U.S. advertising spending -- it is poised to climb fast. And in that regard, Ben Fox, executive vp of Adconion Media Group, in speaking at OMMA's RTB event, says there'll need to be better numbers to keep pace with that growth. He estimates marketers will look at the likes of metrics including "queries per second," "first impression win rate," and "performance by impression."  
  • boy people hate fax machines
    Whenever people are trying to illustrate how behind-the-times media buying remains, they always point to the fact that fax machines are still part of the process.  Fax machine manufactuers, be warned.
  • programmatic buying can help shift dollars to digital
    the simple availability of programmatic buying can help persuade marketers to shift dollars to digital, according to Bob Arnold, associate director, global digital strategy, Kellogg Company, in response to an audience question.
  • When RTB "swallows" television
    Given his company's strong results for a number of brands, Bob Arnold, associate director for global digital strategy for Kellogg Company, see real-time bidding opening up to many other media platforms. For two specific brand campaigns he says ROI improved dramatically - climbing 5 times and then by 6 times respectively.   Looking forward, Arnold see no reason why this shouldn't get to the biggest of media: "Eventually TV is going to get swallowed up into this space."  
  • TV will shift to programmatic buying?
    "Television will get swallowed up by this space," according to Bob Arnold, an associate director, global digital strategy, Kellogg Company, referring to programmatic buying. He spectualed this could be the logical outcome of the convergence of TV and online video.
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