• CPG Goes D2C: Learning the New Brand/Performance Tango
    When Clorox bought Nutranext, it didn't set out to absorb the company into its CPG-ness, but instead let Nutranext continue on its D2C path.
  • Sometimes What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You
    "As we on-boarded a new agency, we did some digging. We found that a lot of spend was used to target children under the age of six, specifically." You see, kids that young don't know to hit the skip button.
  • Retailers Create New Opportunities For Brands
    Delta Faucet Co has developed full-funnel strategy that begins with awareness and relies on retailers in the market to keep Delta "front and center."
  • The D2C Equation: Brand+Performance+Attribution
    When it comes to brand vs. performance, one marketer says any time his company invests in branding, it asks how it can make the branding as impactful as possible. Rob Towne, director of performance marketing, Purple Innovation, told our Search & Performance Insider Summit on Friday how he tested a hunch he had about Google by modifying the script and bidding down to see how revenue would be impacted if Purple came in No. 2 on Google search. With hardly any impact, the brand is saving thousands and thousands daily by not paying for …
  • ITP and The Great Cookie Headache
    Well, that was one helluva panel discussion! What it boiled down to was this: Let's wait until the consumer realizes what they've lost and then we'll have CCPA 2.0 next November. Panelists came together at our Search & Performance Insider Summit Friday to talk about the loss of cookies will impact advertisers, agencies and consumers when regulations take effect Feb. 20. Amanda Martin, VP of Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group (far right), and Erin Everhart, Senior Manager, Media, The Home Depot (second from left), especially, had fires lit beneath them. "There are large blind spots in …
  • A New Frenemy: The Amazon Calculus
    Keen Footwear, for example, found that one of its strongest ecommerce days last summer was Amazon's Prime Day.
  • Beyond Short-Term Sales: Building Brand Equity In Search
    MMM ... good! Oh, wait, not that. We were hearing about how marketing mix modeling (that MMM) builds brand equity in search and Trevor Hettesheimer, Manager, KPI, Analytics, Search, and Planning, Volvo Cars, was on the stage. Volvo's MMM datasets include more than 100 independent variables, including fuel prices, the stock market, the unemployment rate, weather, pricing, discounting, inventory supplies, PR, ad spend, and the consumer confidence index. All of it forecasts future scenarios. "Knowing the predicted risks of sales targets," he said, "one can optimize the ad mix to mitigate risk …
  • Search Industry Shifts In Strategy, Targeting, Formats
    There has been a growth in search. It has changed but it's continuing to grow. The challenges can be rewarding but if you don't know what you're doing, it can be tragic. So spoke Morgan Chemij, Sr. Director, CRM & Acquisition Marketing, HP.com, at Thursday's Search & Performance Insider Summit. "It's really challenging to be seeing Position Zero results," he said, with so much of search ending without a click to other content. He blames Google, says it is getting into the commerce space. You can book airfare, hotels, find a plumber directly within …
  • User Intent And Content Are The New Stars
    For the last nine months, Cisco has been testing a pilot called Intelligent Content. As Diane Sidden, Audience Platform Program Manager, Cisco, explained at our Search & Performance Insider Summit on Thursday, it is "content that makes sense for the viewer based on their needs at the moment they receive it."  Pieces of content are tagged with audience attributes like Buying Stage or Account Segment. When a customer visits Cisco.com, machine learning determines a personalized call to action.  "It gives Cisco the ability to get that offer in front of the customer, in the …
  • Death Of The Keyword?
    Good news: it has been exaggerated. Bad news: it's a wounded animal. Our panel discussion at Thursday's Search & Performance Insider Summit on the status and future of the keyword included a lot of talk about machine learning, artificial intelligence and, of course, the role of technology going forward. Moderator Jon Kagan, VP, Search, Cogniscient Media (far left), asked panelists what they thought the role of the keyword might be three years hence. Slava Rybalka, SEO Manager, Team Lead, Chewy (second from left), predicted that its role would be diminishing as "other ranking …
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