Will Google lose out to Twitter on mobile search?

Much talk on the afternoon mobile search panel is focusing on some of the alternate ways to search information on mobile whether Twitter, crowdsourcing, Cha Cha, Ardvaark and voice search, with each offering potentially more local or relevant results than traditional desktop search. AOL's Farhan Memon explained how a Twitter query to friends about good places to stay in Jamaica brought back one reply from Half Moon resort in Montego, with a promotional offer. 360i's David Berkowitz shared his own Twitter revelation, about finding poplular local bars and restaurants while at SXSW conference in Austin through a Twitter search instead of having to go through hundreds of traditional listings.

Even so, panelists expect Google and other established search providers to continue to get the lion's share of queries on mobile devices as the medium become more and more like the wired Web. Razorfish's Justin Scarborough doesnt hold out much hope for voice search because he thinks people have become accustomed to finding information by tapping a keypad.

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