Twitter, Inflation of Expectations, and Louis C.K.

Robert Hayes of Showtime is talking about the perils of establishing a half-hearted or pro forma presence on social media sites, citing Twitter as the latest and greatest in a series of services that have inflated expectations: “On Twitter people want things right away, they want that answer right there, right then, and if you’re not prepared to provide that, it could backfire in a huge way.” This reminds me of standup comedian/god Louis C.K.’s appearance on Conan O’Brien earlier this year, when he observed that as technology advances by leaps and bounds, “everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy.” His example: on a flight where free Wi-Fi was offered, after the signal went out a fellow passenger heaved a long-suffering sigh, whining “god this blows.” Louis C.K.’s take: “You’re sitting in a chair... in the SKY! This is INCREDIBLE.”
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