Media Planning is Dead!

Sarah Fay says media tools are dead! ⬦ Wait, no, â¬oeYou need media tools,⬠she says, but, theyâ¬"re just â¬oenot the end all be all⬠anymore.

Tim Hanlan says media planning is dead! ⬦ Wait, not exactly. Itâ¬"s just that, â¬oePlans donâ¬"t mean anything unless theyâ¬"re executable,⬠he says.

â¬oeIn a world when ads can be compiled on the fly⬦ buying and planning have to be fused together,⬠according to Hanlan.

In the digital age, the process must â¬oeongoing, iterative, optimizable.⬠That he did say.

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