Inside The Advertisers Studio

The media business â€" â€oeA fascinating business, don’t you think,†David Verklin, CEO of Carat Americas asked the lunching audience… to a collective and virtually audible eye-roll.

Moments earlier, we saw the two authors exchange their new books â€" â€oeA sacred moment,†noted Lipton, whose book, â€oeInside, Inside,†is an forthcoming autobiography. Verklin’s book, â€oeWatch This, Listen Up, Click Here: Inside the 300 Billion Dollar Business Behind the Media You Constantly Consume,†is self-explanatory, other than the fact that its not intended for industry types, but for the lay person. â€oeI found it to be an enormous challenge,†Verklin said.

Lipton, who later tonight will spend four to five hours taping an Actors Studio interview with Alec Baldwin, has the audience rolling in laughter will his rye humor.

Verklin’s favorite word? â€oeFantasticâ€

Least favorite word? â€oeNo.â€

Turn on? â€oeCompetition.â€

Turn off? â€oeLack of appreciation and bad manners.â€

Sound he most loves? â€oedaughters laughter and sound of a cash register ringing

Sound he most hates? â€oeSound of alarm clock.â€

Favorite curse word? â€oeSon of a bitch.â€

Profession other than his own he would want? â€oeArcheologist.â€

Profession other than his own he wouldn’t want? â€oeDentistry,†â€oeLike my father.â€

If God exists, what would he say when Verklin arrives? â€oeWe’ve been waiting for you to get here,†… â€oeWe’ll be right back after a moment from our sponsor.â€

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