"Social Media is a party, Brands are the narcs in the corner taking notes"

This was a great quote from Shane Ginsberg, Organic's Executive Director. Why do Brits always sound smarter and funnier? Anyway, he went on to say,brands should come to the party bearing gifts, on not come at all. Gary Golhamer from Edelman Digital followed on with the point that P&G is a very strong "listener." And so it goes, this panel is debating the relative merit of listening vs. jumping into the social media party. And if you decide to jump in, how does a brand avoid being creepy when they show up.

Martin Green from Meebo makes the point that this decision is entirely contextual. Depending upon the "intimacy" of a conversation, it may be appropriate for a brand to drop in.

So we're all agreeing that ignoring the conversation is worst practices. Listen, but carefully, responsibly and with disclosure. OK, now what? More listening? Still feels like the narc in the corner to me. How about you?

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