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Jamie Tedford

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I am the Founder and CEO of Brand Networks, the leading provider of data-informed social advertising and content marketing solutions for brands and agencies. We deliver software and digital marketing services for all aspects of social marketing -- advertising, publishing, software development and analytics -- so marketers can maximize efficiency and return on investment. We are proud to be one of the only companies in the world recognized as a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD), Twitter Marketing Platform Partner and LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner.

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  • Floodgates Open To Better Ads: Facebook Audience Network Expands Reach in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 06/08/2016

    Last week, Facebook poked more than a few bears inside the digital advertising community by announcing dramatic changes to the Facebook Audience Network (FAN) that will enable advertisers to deliver Facebook-powered ads beyond Facebook's current addressable audience, expanding reach to non-Facebook users.

  • Facebook Messenger Ads: 3 Predictions For The Future in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 03/21/2016

    Here are three words in response to the fear-mongers in the media predicting that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will soon be crawling with unwelcome ads that disrupt users who are simply trying to chat with friends and family: Personal. Contextual. Relevant. Consider that every monetization opportunity that's helped brands and agencies achieve business goals on social over the last decade has relied on one or more of those three concepts as the gas that makes the engine run. Here are three things I predict will eventually arrive in the world's most beloved chat apps.

  • Predictions: 3 Ways Super Bowl Advertisers Will Win Big On Social in Social Media Insider on 01/28/2016

    It's awards show season, and every year the advertising community hosts its own party on the biggest stage in the world: the Super Bowl. Brands break out the big budgets and the agency community pulls out all the stops. It's the pinnacle of advertising, and every year, it sets new trends in advertising. This year, the digital advertising community is getting involved as never before. Let's walk through a few predictions for the big day.

  • Local Relevance Is The Future Of Facebook For National Brands in Social Media Insider on 11/10/2015

    New research suggests that 45% of online Americans currently keep in touch with local businesses by following them on Facebook. In line with this fact, Facebook has made multiple changes to its Business Pages this year, improving them for both local businesses and consumers and revamping its mobile app in September. Hidden inside all this new opportunity for small businesses lies new opportunity for big brands, too.

  • Instagram Advertising: 5 Steps to a Successful Launch in Social Media Insider on 10/23/2015

    So you're ready to start advertising on Instagram? Great. Where do you start? This is new territory for everyone, including display advertising veterans. Here's a strategy to get your brand into the water and swimming in this new, highly nuanced and aesthetically discerning environment.

  • Fresh Google Ad Tech Brings New Dimension Of Relevance in Social Media Insider on 10/09/2015

    Almost 15 years ago, Google launched its AdWords business, revolutionizing the world of Web advertising and liberating users from the uninformed digital Stone Age. AdWords gave advertisers the power of context by offering them the opportunity to respond instantly to users' search intent. Last week, the search giant launched arguably the most powerful update to Google advertising since AdWords was introduced.

  • The Ad-Blocking War Will Leave Us Stronger in Social Media Insider on 09/24/2015

    Tech innovation is a blood sport, and the fight for digital ad quality and deliverability has taken center stage in the minds of many advertisers, publishers and ad-tech providers this week. With the arrival of support for ad-blocking software in the popular Safari mobile browser, the debate about the ethics of ad blocking has grown louder. Ad blockers are not new in advertising and the sky is not falling - though it seems things really could be changing. The real question in the back of everyone's minds is, "Whose proverbial stock is on the rise in the wake of iOS support for ad blocking, and who's positioned to lose?" So instead of soft-shoeing around that issue like so many other pundits out there, I'm taking the question head-on. Here we go.

  • Three Signs Digital Marketing Is Facing A Social Tsunami in Social Media Insider on 08/26/2015

    These days, the term "social network" almost feels campy. Consumers are using the social Web for everything from ordering pizza to deciding how to vote to finding a place to live. Pretty much every social activity that a human could want to engage in can now be done on a mobile device or through the browser. So here are three signs that getting good at social marketing and advertising will pay off in a much bigger way very soon.

  • Best Practices For Facebook's New Accelerated Delivery Technology in Social Media Insider on 08/12/2015

    Facebook recently introduced a new technology designed to help brands and agencies deliver Facebook advertising faster than ever. By selecting accelerated delivery during campaign setup, you can now tell Facebook to spend the budget and deliver the ads as quickly as possible, without losing control of the overall budget cap. When accelerated delivery is used, Facebook enters the full bid amount to help advertisers win more auctions earlier in their campaigns.

  • This Summer, Social Ads Are The Winning Ticket For Box Office Success in Social Media Insider on 07/22/2015

    Summer movie season is in full swing, but the paths viewers will ultimately follow to their seats look much different than they did just a few short years ago. The air-conditioned cinematic temples dotting commercial shopping centers and anchoring suburban big-box complexes haven't moved, but new research from both Google and Facebook suggests that the old ways advertisers reached moviegoers have been replaced.

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  • Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack by Jamie Tedford (Social Media Insider on 02/11/2015)

    Hi Doug, I appreciate your perspective but wanted to clarify a few points. First, I left the agency world later in 2006, to start and run an ad tech company- so I've got no incentive to pound my chest around the strategy. I believed then, and still believe some really smart people at Arnold came up with a great strategy that might have helped turn RS's business. Agencies, great ones, can do that. Steve Jobs, for all his marketing genius often credited Lee Clow @ Chiat for creating and shepherding the Apple brand and building the business to its current heights. Your business seems to focus on direct marketing, mine on social media activation, but let's agree to disagree that there's a place for creative agencies to come up with game-changing strategies and hope that clients will take risks and be brave.

  • Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack by Jamie Tedford (Social Media Insider on 02/11/2015)

    HI Larry, thanks for the feedback. It's been almost 10 years since I immersed myself in RadioShack's business in order to pull out some insights that might drive their business. You've got some interesting theories about the demise of the company. Here's some other perspectives from a guy closer than I.

  • Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack by Jamie Tedford (Social Media Insider on 02/11/2015)

    I've certainly had that experience at RS as well Ed. National chains have the challenge of consistency of service across thousands of locations. It's one of the many challenges that is difficult to overcome when considering an employee driven social media strategy.

  • Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack by Jamie Tedford (Social Media Insider on 02/11/2015)

    Good point John. Ace is a great example of a brand that delivers on their promise "Ace is the place for the helpful hardware man/person." Radioshack never embraced or delivered that strategy, but it was theirs for the taking.

  • Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising by Jamie Tedford (Online Spin on 11/18/2014)

    @doug- I think it's a bit of a broad stroke to align all targeting with stalking. The entire ad tech industry (publishers, advertisers, enabling technology) puts the power of targeting into the hands of humans and the algorithms of machines. We are certainly "capable" of using this power for good. All of this is only sustainable if we find the "edge of creepy" and step away from that edge!

  • Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising by Jamie Tedford (Online Spin on 11/18/2014)

    Thanks for sharing your perspective @Peter. I generally agree with your "permission principle" but I would argue following or liking a brand has been a pretty explicit handshake between users and marketers. Increasingly, FB in particular has made it even easier to manage that permission with a click of a mouse.

  • Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising by Jamie Tedford (Online Spin on 11/18/2014)

    @Ari- you make a very good point. Whether the expectation is "opt -in" or simply more transparency and ease in an "opt out" scenario, the question remains the same: what are consumers willing to trade/endure for more personalized advertising? There's a quid pro quo that we all as marketers need to better understand. Thanks for progressing that conversation Ari.

  • Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising by Jamie Tedford (Online Spin on 11/18/2014)

    @Leonard - I agree, transparency is directly related to the "creepiness factor." This shouldn't be confused with illegal use or abuse of customer data and federally regulated privacy laws. That's beyond creepy, it's illegal.

  • Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising by Jamie Tedford (Online Spin on 11/18/2014)

    @mikeeinstein- I look forward to your contrarian commentary on every post. If there's another way to say "nobody wants ads" I'm confident you'll surface it in this thread. Keep on keeping us media peeps honest.

  • If Google Is Really Peaking, Social Is Poised to Win Big by Jamie Tedford (Online Spin on 11/11/2014)

    Hi @Ari, thanks for the feedback. Yes, the piece was more focused on big brand marketing budgets and the split between brand spend and performance spend. There's increasing evidence that social platforms like Facebook are wooing small business. Here's a good piece with some compelling cases. Hope this helps.

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