How To Monetize Twitter?

If you had five minutes in front of a venture capitalist to sell them on funding for Twitter, what would you say? Executives speaking on the "140 Characters or Less: Twitter Users Create Its Business Model " panel offered advice on creating a business model that could potentially make money.

Jason Bucky, creative director and digital marketing consultant, suggests creating an online gallery of sponsored feeds, such as songs on Apple's iTunes store. You pick feeds that add value. You can approve the suggestion engine on Twitter have it feed into Facebook. You select three of more to activate the account.

The brand has a setup fee to participate on the site. You pay for a feature placement on the homepage of the gallery, and probably have a cost per acquisition, and pay-per-tweet fee. Loyalty programs that provide sponsor feeds or value coupon engines, and perhaps there's the potential of convincing a consumer to market your brand

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