Volvo Taps Mobile For Mindshare

Leading off the Weekend Edition of the Mobile Insider Summit on Saturday is keynoter Linda Gangeri, manager for national advertising at Volvo Cars of North America. Has anyone seen a Volvo in North America lately? Just kidding! “I’m not a mobile expert,” confesses Gangeri, who admits to relying on agency partners at Havas for help. What it all boils down to is content, she says. And good content comes from consumer insights.

Gangeri says Volvo under Ford is stuck in a kind of auto twilight zone between the mass market and the high end like Mercedes and BMW. It wants to be better defined. On the media front, it’s critical to get past the siloes for different formats to have a consisent approach across platforms. So where does mobile fit in? In the mid to late part of the purchase journey with some kind of call to action.

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